Academy take team honours at Mossvale

Banbrodge Academy
Banbrodge Academy
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RESULTS round-up from Mossvale Equestrian Centre.

Results of pony jumping held on Friday 14th December.

Cross Poles: 1st= Silver, Annie Gibson; Sox, Chloe Agnew; Dandy, Shannon Boville; Sparky, Laura McClelland.

40cm: 1st= Sparky, Catherine McClelland; Silver, Annie Gibson; Sox, Lewis Orr.

50cm: 1st= Toffee, Ryan Boville; Nano, Emma Lutton.

60cm: 1st= Nano, Emma Lutton; Jaffa Cake, Noah Brown; Ellie, Edmund Whiteside; Timmy, Grace Malcomson; Bonny, Hannah Agnew; Jonty, Laura Brown; Harvey, Katie Bell.

70cm: 1st= Sweet William, Sophie Price; Jonty, Laura Brown; Scooby, Anna Brown; Harvey, Katie Bell; Mr Jinks, Dylan Ward.

80cm: 1st Mr Jinks, Dylan Ward.

Team results: 1st, Banbridge Academy Bits: Holiday Dancing, Megan McCully; Bracken, Katie Lyttle; Zara Azoo, Julia Lyttle; Lacey, Cheridan Andrews; 2nd, Shimna College: Houdini, Chloe Rooney; Tosca, Toni Quail; Lottie, Chloe Rooney; Polly, Toni Quail; 3rd, Banbridge Academy Bridles: Hilltop Lad, Zara Buckley; Greenan Lad, Charlotte Eakin; Silent Melody, Ashleigh Graham; Max, Leah McKee; 4th, Down High Eagles: Tommy Zoom, Sophie Price; Tamba, Jacob Morrow; Star, Sophie Truesdale; Whisper Grey Dove, Alex Clelland; 5th, Lurgan Junior High: Prince Aragogs Spirit, Jasmine Crothers; Jimmy, Connie Crothers; Rossanara, Katie Good; Albus Dumbeldore, Jasmine Crothers; 6th, Dromore High Flyers: Beeches Theatre, Hannah Kileff; Dan, Ethan Smith; Sally, Hannah Kileff; Sally, Shannon Clingan.

Individual results: 1st, Cheridan Andrews; 2nd, Ashleigh Graham; 3rd, Chloe Rooney; 4th, Chloe Rooney; 5th, Julia Lyttle; 6th, Katie Lyttle.