Team Lyons shine in league final

40cm winners: 1st equal, Robert McLaren and Crossowen Joy; Chloe Flood and Paddy.

40cm winners: 1st equal, Robert McLaren and Crossowen Joy; Chloe Flood and Paddy.

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THE final of Ecclesville League did not disappoint with several speedy combinations determined to win the red ribbons!

Team Lyons did very well winning half of the classes outright. Jodie Lyons continued her great form and won both the 60cm and 70cm classes on Bubbles and her brother Dean, riding Camowen Bullet, were the deserving winners in the 90cm class.

Robert McLaren riding Crossowen Joy shared the first place in the 40cm class with Chloe Flood and Paddy. The 80cm class was hotly contested and the winner was Darren Irwin and Spot who had the fastest time of the night! Emmet Tunney and Concertina claimed the red rosette in the 1m class.

Raymond Caldwell, assisted by Malvern Moore, built very interesting and challenging courses throughout the league making full use of the excellent jumps and surface at Ecclesville.

The organisers would like to thank Raymond and his team, Eugene Donnelly as Safety Officer and Jennifer Leonard who carried out the timing at the final. Thanks also go to all the competitors who supported this league.

Ecclesville are now looking forward to their Christmas Cracker Show scheduled for Sunday 30 December starting at 10am. There will be showjumping for 128 ponies, 138 ponies, 148 ponies and Horses, novelty classes and special prizes for Fancy Dress.


40cm Class (Double Clears): Robert McLaren and Crossowen Joy; Chloe Flood and Paddy

60cm Class (Double Clears): Henry Flood and Paddy; Jodie Lyons and Bubbles; Robert McLaren and Crossowen Joy; Hugh Elliott and Rocky; Erin Crawford and Little Miss Millie; Rachel McGinn and Jasper

70cms (Double Clears): Hazel Trimble and Bluey; Conrad Jones and Dunroe Lux Good; Erin Crawford and Little Miss Millie; Jodie Lyons and Bubbles; Hugh Elliott and Rocky; Henry Flood and Paddy

80cms (Double Clears): Erin Crawford and Rodger; Cahill McGuigan and Star; Pamela Caldwell and Sophie; Lucy Sullivan and Joey; Darren Irwin and Spot

90cms (Double Clears): Katie Leonard and Blue; Naomi Duncan and Luna; Pamela Caldwell and Sophie; Ethan Denton and Galypsa; Cara Patterson and Boots; Erin Crawford and Rodger; Emmet Tunney and Concertina; Dean Lyons and Camowen Bullet

1m (Double Clears): Lucy Sullivan and Rambo; Naomi Duncan and Luna; Ethan Denton and Galypsa

1.10 - No Double Clears

League results

40cm: 1st= Robert McLaren and Crossowen Joy; Chloe Flood and Paddy

60cm: 1st, Jodie Lyons and Bubbles; 2nd, Henry Flood and Paddy; 3rd, Robert McLaren and Crossowen Joy; 4th, Hugh Elliott and Rocky; 5th, Rachel McGinn and Jasper; 6th, Jodie Lyons and Snowball; 7th, Amy Grimes and Megan

70cm: 1st, Jodie Lyons and Bubbles; 2nd, Gemma Elkin and Barney; 3rd, Rachel McGinn and Jasper; 4th, Richard Kerr and Jackson

80cm: 1st, Darren Irwin and Spot; 2nd, Cahill McGuigan and Star; 3rd, Pamela Caldwell and Sophie

90cm: 1st, Dean Lyons and Camowen Bullet; 2nd, Pamela Caldwell and Sophie; 3rd, Emmet Tunney and Concertina; 4th, Darren Irwin and Spot

1m: 1st, Emmet Tunney and Concertina

For further information on the Christmas Cracker Show contact Sandra on 07990 541 966 or Ecclesville Centre on 028 8284 0591.

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