20th birthday for Inch cow

Inch Counselor Daphne EX94 aged 18 years in 2010
Inch Counselor Daphne EX94 aged 18 years in 2010

LAST Sunday a black and white cow had her 20th birthday on the farm of T J Morrison and Sons of Downpatrick.

Inch Counselor Daphne EX 94 (12E) was born on the farm in 1992. She is a cross of Holstein and Friesian breeding being sired by a Holstein bull and out of VG 89 Friesian bred cow.

Inch Counselor Daphne EX 94 (12E) was classified EX in 1997 as a third calver. In 2010 she classified EX for the 12th time making her the first EX 12 in Europe and the second in the world.
Until her 12th lactation she never had mastitis, foot trimming or any veterinary treatment and had a calving interval of 394 days.

At Inch she has given 125 Tons at 3.93 bf 3.17 p and she also milked in a non milk recorded herd for one year. Her daughter, Inch Fatal Daphne 4, also classified EX 94 in the Lecale Herd.

“We aim to produce more cows like Inch Counselor Daphne by blending top Holstein and Friesian bloodlines,” explained Jim Morrison.
“Her photos in 1997 and 2010 (at note with 14th calf) show just how little she has changed from 3rd to 14th lactation. In 2012 she still grazes away in the paddock beside the farmyard during this December winter weather.
“Her sister Inch Jed Daphne EX 93 lived until her 14th year and produced many herd sires for dairy producers throughout Northern Ireland. Her AI Holstein son, Inch Showman, is the top UK sire for percentage fat (+ 0.34%) and his medium sized, easily managed daughters are pleasing their owners.  A Friesian bred grandson, Inch Rocket, is also in AI.”

Both these sires are still available at £8 from Jim Morrison (tel 07903337577).