A bull without compromise is perfect for NI

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Choosing a dairy bull usually involves making a compromise as it’s rare to find an animal which has every trait you need.

But there’s a young bull on the scene which seems to buck that trend and it’s little surprise to find he is one of the world’s hottest Holstein properties.

De-Su RB Moonray hit the ground running when he was launched in the UK as the number one genomic sire ranked on Profitable Lifetime Index in 2013 and today, his PLI weighs in at a remarkable £587.

This reflects his massive production transmission (Predicted Transmitting Ability of 701kg milk, 40.5kg (+0.15%) fat, 27.6 kg (+0.06%) protein) which he combines with superb daughter fertility. Health and fitness traits are good across the board and his linear profile reveals his daughters will be moderate in stature with sound legs and feet, wide rumps and well-supported udders.

“To find a bull with this amount of milk and such massive components is extremely rare,” says Ashley Fleming, Cogent’s regional manager in Northern Ireland. “But to add to this positive daughter fertility and good condition score is possibly without precedent.”

This is a bull he says which will bring significant genetic improvement to any herd in the Province, and his pedigree too brings something out of the ordinary.

Moonray is sired by Robust – a bull which was not available in the UK but which is proving to breed exceptionally consistently through his many sons – and his dam is the Planet daughter, Sully Planet Montana. But it is probably his grandam, Sully Shottle May EX90, which is the highlight of this cow family, as the consistency of her breeding has led to many of her sons and grandsons succeeding in AI.

“A bull of this calibre does not come along very often and I’d like to think he has a place in any of Northern Ireland’s herds,” says Mr Fleming. “He’s certainly one I would recommend for a wide range of situations, and he is predicted to earn UK farmers more profit than almost any other sire.”

Moonray is available through Cogent. Call Ashley Fleming on 07775 561823.