Another steady trade for fat lambs at Gortin

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Another steady week on Monday as Fat Lambs sell to £83.

FAT LAMBS: George McLaren £83/26kg, Stephen Lindsay £83/26kg,William Patterson £81.80/27kg, Liam Furey £80.80/26kg, Geotge McLaren £80/25kg, Robert Rutledge £77/24kg, Francis Conway £76.80/24kg, Adrian Hamilton £76.50/24kg, G Christie £76/23kg, James McKinney £75.50/24kg, Robert Rutledge £75/22kg, S & A Conway £75/23kg, Robert Rutledge £75/22kg, John McQuaid £74.80/23kg, William Patterson £74/22kg, Patrick O’Gara £74/23kg, Gerard Morris £73.20/21kg, Declan McGee £73/22kg, Brendan Falls £72.50/24kg, Reginald Hamilton £72/23kg, Aubrey McKelvey £71/21kg

STORE LAMBS: Declan McGee £70, Michael Blee £69, Joseph Whiteside £67.80, David Hempton £67.80, Robert Starke £67.50, Robert Virtue £66.50, John McQuaid £66.20

BREEDING RAMS: Moses Irwin 225gns, 215gns, 200gns, 175gns, R Scott 200gns, 200gns, Mary Shannon 185gns, Leona Young 180gns, 170gns, Ashley McKelvey 165gns, Enda McAleer 130gns, Sean Gallen 120gns, Mark McGurk 115gns, Enda McAleer 105gns, Patrick McKenna 100gns.

BREEDING EWES: Gerald Galbraith £188, £138, £135, F Breen £102, W McLaughlin £100

FAT EWES: Albert Breen £102, JA Hempton £84, £84, £80, Ashley McKelvey £85, JA Hempton £78, £78, Aaron Hempton £76, Mark McGurk £79,James Tuoghey £74,

EWES & LAMBS: Gerald Galbraith £215, £200, £185, £170, £150.