Bee-Day: Beginning with honeybees

If you had ever wanted to know how to become a beekeeper, come along to the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre on Saturday 2nd February and find out how.
If you had ever wanted to know how to become a beekeeper, come along to the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre on Saturday 2nd February and find out how.

HAVE you ever really thought about where honey comes from?

Have you ever wondered, “Could I become a beekeeper?”

If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind, a forthcoming event being hosted by the Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers could provide the answers.

A charitable organisation with a deep commitment to educating and informing the public about beekeeping, the Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers is running a beekeeping familiarisation day in the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre on Saturday 2nd February. Running between 09:30 and 15:00, the whole programme is aimed specifically at the growing number of people who are interested in beekeeping and the role this fascinating little insect has to play in our wider environment. Honeybees and other pollinating insects are under threat: the INIB Bee-Day presents an opportunity to learn how you can help preserve these important insects. The venue, The Lough Neagh Discovery Centre which is set right in the heart of the Oxford Island National Nature Reserve where, to compliment biodiversity and conservation work, some staff have become beekeepers and are developing an apiary. Everyone will have an opportunity to learn more about this work and about beekeeping. An interesting day is in store for all who attend.

A team of people, recently introduced to the craft, will provide first hand accounts of the pleasures of beekeeping. Experienced and knowledgeable beekeepers will talk about the life of the honeybee, the fascinating division of labour in the hive, swarming and wintering a colony of bees. Other topics will encompass threats to honeybees and their environment and also the queen honeybee, mother of all in the hive and whose qualities largely determine the success of the colony and ultimately, of all beekeeping activities. The speakers will provide information about the basic equipment needed to keep bees and the associated costs. Advice will even be provided on how aspiring beekeepers can obtain healthy, placid and industrious bees. One of the best ways to start beekeeping is with a nucleus colony, commonly called a “Nuc”, and with the support of your local beekeeping association. The INIB will be providing everyone who attends with contact details for local beekeeping associations so that anyone who is interested can take the next steps to becoming a beekeeper.

Everyone who comes along will have the opportunity to talk with and question experienced beekeepers, so go along and find out if you could become a beekeeper in 2013. Tea and coffee will be provided on the day.

For further information and to register for the Bee-Day, please contact:

The Lough Neagh Discovery Centre: 028 3832 2205

Tom Canning, INIB Education Officer: T. 028 38871260 M. 07867878474

Caroline Thompson, INIB Secretary:

Lyndon Wortley, INIB Membership Secretary: