Bullocks sell to up to £1505 at Draperstown Mart

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Another exceptional trade throughout the entire sale on Friday with bullocks making up to £1505.

Heifers £1250, fat cows £1232/800kg and suckler cows up to £1100.

Norman McAdoo £1505/780kg, £1414.90/710kg, Patrick McGarvey £1409.40/810kg, C and M McCann £1415/750kg, Gary Arthur £1410/740kg, £1345/710kg, £1330/680kg, Rodger Henderson £1255/620kg, £1235/610kg, Robert Ferguson £12350/630kg, £1210/660kg, £1200/660kg, William Neill £1210/600kg, £1200/600kg, £1195/600kg, John Green £1170/590kg, D O’Hagan £1165/580kg, James Chivers £1150/550kg, Rodger Henderson £1130/540kg, D O’Hagan £1130/580kg, R Ferguson £1125/600kg, Ann Walls £1115/640kg, John Green £1170/590kg, William Neill £1110/580kg, Roddy Kearney £1110/530kg, £1110/530kg, F Moore £1105/600kg, £1090/570kg, £1080/520kg, Wilbert McLenaghan £1100/59kg, £1100/570kg, £1080/520kg, James Chivers £1100/520kg, £1050/480kg, £1045/500kg,£1010/490kg, Frank McVey £1100/570kg, J Greene £1070/550kg, Andrew Johnston £1065/580kg, £1050/580kg, £1045/560kg, Robert Ferguson £1060/580kg, Lewis Quinn £1005/480kg, Roisin Bradley £1000/470kg, £1000/470kg.

HEIFERS: Michael McGlade £1250/620kg, £1240/630kg, E J Doris £1100/560kg, £1060/520kg, £995/500kg, £995/520kg, £970/500kg, £965/560kg, W Crossett £965/560kg, £875/520kg, Kenneth McKinstry £1040/510kg, £990/500kg, Ann Walls £950/530kg, £890/510kg,£850/480kg, Sean McShane £920/460kg, Brian McAfee £915/530kg, £845/470kg, £840/490kg, £820/510kg, £805/450kg, E Dorris £910/500kg, £855/500kg, John Kelly £880/470kg, Michael McGlade £845/450kg, James Chivers £840/410kg, Ann Walls £835/470kg, £835/440kg, £810/440kg.

FAT COWS: Peter McGarrity £1232/800kg, Louis and Michael O’Neill £1131/870kg, £1022.40/720kg, John Donnelly £1078.80/870kg, Hugh Lennox £1008/840kg, £912/60kg, Michael McGlade £980/700kg, Ciaran McKenna £894.60/630kg, Peter Quinn £884.40/670kg, Charles McKenna £875.80/580kg, Robert Ferguson £875/700kg, James McHugh £858/780kg, Ciaran McKenna £851.4/660kg, Ray Artt £842.40/780kg, F Kelly £837.90/630kg, Cochrane Boyle £834/600kg, John Donnelly £830.70/710kg, L and M O’Neill £828/600kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Sean Kelly £1100, £1000, £855, John Lowe £1040, £980, Peter McGarrity £855.

Another week of exceptional prices for weanlings. Prices as follows:

WEANLINGS MALE: Michael McNally £945/470kg, Paul and Katie Quinn £855/390kg, Robert Donaghy £855/440kg, Kevin Mullin £850/430kg, Francis Murphy £845/350kg, Alaistair Cowan £830/460kg, Michael McBride £820/390kg, £800/350kg, £800/350kg, £790/360kg, £755/400kg, £755/360kg, P McGuigan £800/390kg, R and J Hamilton £800/380kg, Patrick Crawley £795/350kg, £760/340kg, Francis Murphy £750/340kg, R and J Hamilton £750/330kg, Kevin Mullin £750/330kg, Peter McGurk £750/300kg, Francis Murphy £745/340kg, Edward Ferry £735/290kg, Hannah Hall £730/290kg, T Loughlran £715/280kg, £700/290kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALES: Michael McBride £815/390kg, £800/340kg, £790/400kg, Christopher McBride £800/340kg, Robert Donaghy £780/400kg, Francis Murphy £775/370kg, Ivan Hall £760/300kg, £740/300kg, £685/310kg, Brendan Small £750/300kg, Patrick Campbell £730/290kg, Francis Murphy £730/310kg, Paul and Katie Quin £680/300kg, £650/290kg, Peter McGurk £675/340kg, £670/280kg, Francis Murphy £650/260kg, P and G Campbell £650/270kg, Patrick McNally £625/250kg, Patrick Crawley £620/290kg.