Erth Panbuster solves drainage problems

The pitch at Darragh Cross
The pitch at Darragh Cross

Most sports pitches are worked hard between playing and training, often having to operate when it is wet underfoot.

Over the past few years the extreme weather has magnified the problems, with many pitches becoming waterlogged and losing playing days.

Darragh Cross GAC, near Saintfield, has a superb drainage system however over the past few years water has been lying on parts of the pitch, particularly after heavy rain. In October this year they decided to try the Erth Panbuster Grass Subsoiler to see if this would help.

Approximately half of the pitch was subsoiled on the evening of the 15th October, an evening that turned into a very wet night. The following day when subsoiling began again, water was lying during the first run going down the pitch but was gone by the time the tractor came back up on the next run.

There have been several heavy downpours since, with water lying on surrounding fields but none on the pitch – their drainage problem seems to have been sorted.

Francis Murray of Darragh Cross GAC, who organised and did the work, was delighted with the results stating: “I thought the Panbuster would work but didn’t realise just how well.”

The Grass Panbuster has a specialised leg which gives a very clean finish and the in-line leg design allows for more control and is used throughout Ireland and the UK for both agricultural and sports applications.

For more information about the Erth range of subsoilers and other machinery please contact David McCoubrey on 07803 950333.