Excellent entry of stock sells to a steady trade at Pomeroy

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An excellent entry of stock sold to a steady trade throughout. Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Mary Molloy £900/480kg, £890/540kg, £845/510kg, £820/490kg, £750/440kg, £750/500KG, £750/450KG, £740/450KG, Michael Meenagh £720/300kg, Daryl Gillespie £700/400kg, £700/390kg, £680/330KG, Michael Meenagh £655/310kg, £650/220kg, £635/280kg, Francis Tracey £645/350kg, Thomas Heagney £610kg, Daryl Gillespie £610/290kg, £600/330kg, Michael Meenagh £600/290kg, Kieran Harvey £600/230kg, £540/200kg, Thomas McKeagney £595/340kg, £560/310kg.

HEIFERS: George McLaren £910/440kg, £890/430kg, Kenneth Johnston £890/460kg, £820/440kg, 800/410kg, Michael Coyle £800/390kg, £770/420kg, £765/420kg, £760/450kg, Tony Mic Lagan £725/340kg, £690/350kg, Bracken Hill Farms £720/540kg, Michael Nugent £670/410kg, £665/270kg, £650/390kg, Michael Meenagh £650/280kg, £610/250kg, £575/250kg, £565/300kg, £540/250kg, Francis Tracey £560/280kg.