Exceptional trade in lambs at Lisahally

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An exceptional trade for lambs this week. More needed to meet demand.

Fat lambs up to £81, store lambs £66.50 and fat ewes £90.

FAT LAMBS: Cecila O’Kane £81/30kg, Michael O’Hara £80/27kg, James Mitchell £75.80/27kg, Reid Clarke £74.50/26kg, Gareth Tracey £74.20/26kg, H McCollum £73/25kg, William Moore £73/23kg, Stuart Caskie £72.50/24kg, John Ramsey £72/23kg, Joseph Cunningham £72/28kg, Alwyn Fleming £71.80/23kg, Owen McDevitt £71/24kg, Cecila O’Kane £69.20/22kg, John Lynch £69/22kg, Joseph Cunningham £67.50/21kg.

STORE LAMBS: C Brown £66.50, £65, Ivan Eakin £66.20, John Lynch £64, Stuart Caskie £64, Malcolm Maxwell £63.80, William Moore £63, £62, David Smyth £63, £59.50, Philip Bryson £57, John Lynch £55.

FAT EWES: Wilfred Purcell £90, Michael O’Hara £73, David Hamilton £70, Malcolm Maxwell £75, £71, Philip Bryson £60.50, Anne McCallum £57, F Murphy £57, £56.