Fermanagh and Tyrone match

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Fermanagh and Tyrone Ploughing Society’s annual ploughing match of the Society took place on lands at Rash Estate, Omagh on Saturday, March 12.

Over 30 competitors took part in classes ranging from beginners to international classifications with a high standard of ploughing displayed.

As weather dried, conditions for ploughing improved over the course of the day.

Judges WA King and Des Wright from the Northern Ireland Ploughing Association and John McKinney and Leonard Bell from the National Ploughing Association Ireland were present to oversee proceedings and results judged as follows:

World Style (Open): 1, Matthew Simms (The Lennon); 2= David Wright (The Loup PS), Andrew Gill (Listooder PS); 4, Gary Simms (The Lennon PS).

World Style (Confined): 1, Brian O’Neill (The Moy PS); 2, Pat Geary (The Lennon PS); 3, Herbie Stevens (Finn Valley PS).

Hydraulic Lift (Open): 1, Jack O’Brien (The Society of Ploughmen, NI); 2, Fred Dunne (The Society of Ploughmen NI); 3, Geoffrey Cash (Mullahead PS).

Hyradulic Lift (Confined): 1, William Steenson (Markethill); 2, Noel McCrea (FTPS); 3, Davy Boyd (Clogher).

Trailer Plough: 1, Cyril McGuinness (Dublin PS); 2, David Grattan (Banbridge); 3, Ralph Foster (Brookeborough).

Three Furrow: 1, Donald Deeny (Finn Valley PS); 2, Freddie McFarland (Omagh); 3, David Long (Finn Valley PS).

Horse Plough: Coleman Colgan (Co Mayo).

Best Back: Matthew Simms (The Lennon PS).

Best Finish: Matthew Simms (The Lennon PS).

Best Kept Tractor: Jack O’Brien (The Society of Ploughmen NI).

Youngest Ploughman: George McLaren.

Champion of the Field: Matthew Simms (The Lennon PS).

The society would like to thank hosts, sponsors, catering unit of Wayne McCaul, competitors, spectators, Fermanagh and Omagh District Council and all who helped in ensuring the success of this year’s event.

A draw and presentation of cups will be held on Saturday, April 2, at the Bridge Inn, Trillick. Everyone welcome.