Full yard of stock sells to a strong trade at Lisahally

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A full yard of stock all sold to a strong trade. Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Daniel Wade £1090/670kg, £1020/610kg, £1005/540kg, £1000/570kg, Ronald Mackey £1055/610kg, £1035/590kg, Thomas Conway £880/490kg, Dermott McLaughlin £850/490kg, Philip Bryson £840/470kg, Dermott McLaughlin £830/460kg, Gerald McWilliams £830/400kg, £800/410kg, £775/350kg, James Donaldson £810/420kg, Philip Bryson £790/420kg, £735/350kg, £720/320kg, W Lyons £740/450kg, £735/420kg, James Neely £735/470kg, Dermott McLaughlin £725/410kg, Thomas Mullan £710/360kg, Thomas Conway £700/330kg

HEIFERS: Ronald Mackey £1010/610kg, £965/580kg, Thomas Cairns £955/500kg, W Lyons £880/560kg, £875/590kg, £865/510kg, James Donaldson £840/390kg, £690/360kg, £620/340kg, Raymond Ross £820/440kg, Colm McLaughlin £650/320kg, £605/310kg, Stuart Caskie £580/320kg, £500/300kg, Gordan Ross £545/340kg, £520/330kg, Raymond Ross £500/350kg

FAT COWS: Patrick McGaughey £1130.04/870kg, Liam Devine £959.10/690KG, Thomas Henderson £936/720kg, S Devine £912/600kg, £899/620kg, £792/600kg, Thomas Mullan £749.30/590kg, £704/550kg.