Genus has all the top PLI Friesian bulls

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Genus ABS has had a fantastic proof run with all of the top 10 PLI proven Friesian bulls available in the UK!

Ervin McKinstry, Ireland Manager for Genus ABS commented: “Genus Friesian bulls dominate the April ranking lists. With all of the top ten PLI bulls available in the UK, we have a wide choice of proven sires to meet all customers’ needs.”

Umpire - fantastic 2nd crop proof, £291 PLI and 349kg milk

Winnoch UMPIRE now has 234 milking daughters in 73 herds and he combines high milk production with an impressive linear at +0.95 Type Merit, +0.84 Mammary and +0.94 Legs & Feet. UMPIRE also improves the health traits at -14 SCC and +3.9 Fertility Index.

Chad is now £366 PLI, 349kg Milk, 21kg Fat and 16kg Prot

Catlane CHAD has a very impressive proof, based on 40 daughters in 23 herds. CHAD has a PLI of £366 with outstanding milk, fat and protein production.

CHAD reduces cell counts (-12 SCC) and is a calving ease sire (+2.0). His daughters are taller than average and have well attached udders with strong udder support.

CHAD is bred from five consecutive generations of EX cows and is a son of Deangate Centurion, who was one of the best bulls ever in the Friesian breed.

Benloyal and Maverick are top two bulls for Type

Benloyal (+2.59) and Maverick (+2.19) are the top two bulls available for Type Merit.

(Please note that all bulls have changed by around 0.6 Type Merit due to the new base.)