Genus programme delivers again

De-Su Tyro daughter, a sire with an unusual sire stack - a Trigger son from an Offroad.
De-Su Tyro daughter, a sire with an unusual sire stack - a Trigger son from an Offroad.
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The Genus ABS UK Cornerstone breeding programme has delivered a group of exceptional sires. These sires aim to improve those traits that add value to their customer’s bottom lines.

Ervin McKinstry, general manager, Ireland commented: “As a group, the UK tested sires increase fat and protein %’s, overall milk volume, they reduce calving interval through an improved fertility index and they will also improve overall longevity.”

Calving ease, production and type are traits  from Reward, a Gerard son from the Ruby cow family.

Calving ease, production and type are traits from Reward, a Gerard son from the Ruby cow family.

Stephanie Whittaker, EU dairy brand manager, commented: “I am really excited about the fantastic selection of sires, we have to offer in the August proof run, including a superb bull from Malcolm and Barry McClean in Co Tyrone.

Relough Dustin (Legend X Shottle) hails from the Danna family from the Relough herd. He is an extreme fat(+0.14%) and protein improver (+0.06%), fertility improver (+9.4).

Warnelview Reward (Gerard X Goldwyn) is an exciting graduate with daughters that have been greatly admired by progeny evaluator, Philip Dobson said: “Reward is a newly proven calving ease Gerard son from the Ruby cow family in Cumbria with exceptionally high type and outstanding production traits in every box.”

Amighetti Moman Timete (Manoman x Shottle) is yet another exceptional all round improver, Andrew Rutter, UK Sire Analyst commented: “Timete boasts beautiful udders, outstanding fertility (+7.1) and longevity (+0.3)and serious component percentages”

Steph Whittaker added: “Alongside the exceptional UK Graduates we have launched five super graduates from the US.”

Larcrest Casual (Superstition X Ramos) from the famous Larcrest Crimson cow, he excels for lifespan (+0.5), Fertility Index (+2.5), low cell counts (-25 SCC) and is high type with a complete milk profile.

No-Fla Hurst is an incredibly exciting new graduate with exceptional all round improvement. He scores +£449 for PLI, a score that is built from his milk, fat and protein improvement and all round health and fitness improvement for easy to manage, fertile cows. Alongside all of these credentials he is also a type improver.

Seagull-Bay Razzle is a Freddie son from the famous Seagull-Bay Shauna. He will be available both conventional and sexed, Razzle offers milk (+540 kgs), type (+2.32 TM) and fertility (+8.7 Fertility index) improvement.

De-Su Tyro is a superb Trigger son from an Offroad, making it an unusual sire stack for the market place. He transmits improvement for Milk(+494 kgs), Type (+2.92), lifespan (+0.4) and fertility (+3.6).

Our final new graduate, St Jacobs Heztry, is a real type focused sire, he is a red carrier Destry son from the famous show cow, Debeau Dundee Hezbollah. He is a tremendous type improver, however differently from many other sires on the market, he is a huge fertility improver at +7.4 fertility index.

In the British Friesian proofs, Catlane Chad, is the number one PLI sire with +392kg Milk, +0.09%F, +0.07%P. He has a very impressive all round proof, based on 70 daughters in 31 herds. CHAD has a PLI of £373 with outstanding milk, fat and protein production and low cell counts. Daughters are taller than average, with good legs and feet and very good udders.

Ervin concluded: “Genus ABS has launched the revolutionary new index TransitionRight, this patent-pending technology will help to resolve the age-old struggles of how to prevent and react to health issues that arise during the transition cow period. ABS customers can now use TransitionRight to select genetics that minimise the need for preventive and reactionary measures often necessary during this time.”

For further details of this offer or to order a new updated brochure, contact the Genus ABS office on 028 3833 4426.