Good show of cattle at Plumbridge

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there was a good show of cattle at Plumbridge with sucklers selling to £2120 and weanlings to £970.

Sample prices: Lim Heifers and Calves £2129, £2070, £1870, £1840 and £1820 to M & M O’Hagan. Bullocks G. Patterson 460kg/£915, 450kg/£870, 350kg/£790. J. Yorke 400kg/£910, 350kg/£875. W. McKelvey 390kg/£845, 370kg/£790, 390kg/£790, G. Campbell 290kg/£755, 320kg/£760, 320kg/£750. R. Campbell 320 kg/£760, 370kg/£750, 320kg/£690. P. McBride 400kg/£845, 390kg/£820.

Heifers: A. Patterson 310kg/£780, 320kg/£775, 320kg/£770, 320kg/£750. Mrs H. McPhillimy 430kg/£840, 400kg/£810, 400kg/£805, J. P. McBride 410kg/£900, 390kg/£890, 350kg/£840, 350kg/£835, N. McIlwaine 360kg/£805, M. Conway 450kg/£970, G. Coyle 340kg/£835, D. Gormley 360kg/£800