Good show of cattle at Pomeroy

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A good show of cattle on Thursday. More stock needed to meet demand. Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Sean Kerr £840/490kg, £750/410kg, Heather Johnston £790/380kg, £725/370kg, £695/360kg, John Bradley £720/340kg, £700/380kg, Michael Conway £685/310kg, Heather Johnston £685/340kg, Alan Roulston £640/320kg, William Moore £610/260kg, Johnston Ferry £610/390kg, £540/370kg, Derek Jefferson £600/290kg

HEIFERS: Mark Cardwell £775/440kg, £740/420kg, £655/340kg, Brian Ward £770/480kg, Alan Roulston £600/320kg, £580/300kg, £565/300kg, £535/300kg, £470/230kg.