Good show of sheep at Gortin mart

Police appeal over stolen sheep
Police appeal over stolen sheep
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Another good show of 900 sheep on Monday night met with a great trade.


FAT LAMBS: A Fleming £90/26kg, K McGrath £90/26.50kg, £83.50/23kg, B McNamee £89/24.50kg, A Conway £88.50/25kg, R Clarke £88.20/25.5kg, £87.50/25kg, D Shannon £88, C Conway £87.80/26, P McCarry £87.50/25kg, K Mullan £87.50/26kg, S Conway £87/25kg, W Lynch £87/25kg, A McFarland £86.80/254kg, W Devine £86.50/24kg, M Daly £86.20/25kg, C McAweaney £85/24kg, W Carolan £84/24.50kg, W McLaughlin £84, £80, R Christie £83.80/24kg, W Patterson £82/22.50kg, J McNally £81.50/22.50, M Conway £81/22kg, M Bradley £80/24.50kg, W Devine £80/22.50kg, A McKelvey £80/24kg

In lamb ewes: E McElhinney £160, £158, £150, £140, M Warnock £155

Ewes with lamb: A Carton £300, £290, £260, £250, £245, £235, £225, £220, £218, £215, £210, £200, N Warnock £210

Fat ewes: K McGrath £89, £63, Carron Cattle £80, W McGrath £78, P Keenan £64, C Robertson £62

Fat rams: J Young £92.50, R McFarland £82