Good show of stock sell to steady trade at Lisahally

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Another great show of stock sold to a steady trade throughout.

Bullocks £1170/700kg, Heifers £1155/660kg and Weanlings up to £860.

BULLOCKS: Raymond Snodgrass £1170/700kg, £1100/700kg, W Kennedy £1115/680kg, £1050/580kg, £1045/590kg, £1000/590kg,.£1000/640kg, Daniel Wade £1085/600kg, Samuel Pollock £1060/620kg, £1050/660kg, £1030/650kg, Alaistair Glenn £1045/750kg, Raymond Snodgrass £1040/680kg, £985/640kg,£965/650kg, Ivan Donnell £1015/570kg, £885/520kg, Aidan McLaughlin £1000/530kg, £860/480kg, £830/420kg, W Kennedy 980/570kg, £975/550kg, £975/550kg, £970/550kg, £970/600kg,£970/570kg, £950/540kg, £930/610kg, £915/600kg, £860/490kg, £820/530kg, £815/490kg, Samuel Pollock £970/540kg,£870/510kg, Daniel Wade £970/620kg, William Buchanan £895/500kg, £890/520kg, Raymond Snodgrass £855/560kg, James McGuinness £800/520kg, Gregory Donnelly £950/510kg.

HEIFERS: Ronald Mackey £1155/660kg, £975/620kg, W Kennedy £1025/580kg, £1060/610kg, £980/600kg, £900/500kg, £855/520kg, £845/540kg, £790/530kg, £720/480kg, £685/370kg, William Buchanan £945/530kg, £850/510kg, £790/500kg, James McGuinness £870/570kg, £750/590kg

WEANLINGS MALE: Mark Curry £860/470kg, £785/420kg, £780/460kg, £775/460kg, £760/410kg, £725/380kg, £705/370kg, £690/400kg, £685/330kg, £645/330kg, Gregory Donnelly £715/410kg, Paul Lusby £460/240kg

WEANLINGS FEMALE: C Smyth £820/400kg, £790/380kg, Mark Curry £745/460kg, £740/420kg, £700/420kg, £650/410kg, £635/340kg, £605/440kg, £600/330kg, £600/320kg, £560/280kg, £550/320kg

Prices remain a steady trade following Tuesdays sale. Fat Lambs £87/23, Store Lambs up to £79, Fat Ewes £92 and Ewes & Lambs £158

FAT LAMBS: Leslie Robinson £87/23kg, £87/29kg, R Christie £87/21kg, M Smyth £87/25kg, Anne McCallum £86.20/26kg, £85.50/26kg, McLaughlin Bros £85.50/30kg, Derek Kerr £85/22kg, William McConway £85/21kg, E Elder £82.50/25kg, John Mark £80/24k

FAT EWES: Stephen Johnston £92, Alan McMurray £90, E Elder £85, Neill Donaghey £80, William McConway £80, Derek McCrea £79, Kenneth Johnston £79, Wilfred Purcell £77, Anne McCollum £76, Jim Blair £76, £74 , £68, Alan McMurray £76,£73, G Christie £70, John & Ryan Young £70, D Moore £65

EWES & LAMBS: R & J Robinson £158, £152, £125