Great demand for all types of cattle at Lisahally

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Great demand on all types of cattle evident from the following prices:

BULLOCKS: John McClelland £1100/610kg, £1090/590kg £1010/550kg, £1005/500kg, £1000/550kg, £930/520kg, Thomas Henderson £925/410kg, Columba Feeney £800/370kg, Philip Bryson £720/320kg, Ronald Campbell £630/340kg,£530/250kg, Brendan Deery £600/310kg, £600/270kg, Jeffrey Baird £595/270kg, £555/3330kg.

HEIFERS: Patrick McNicholl £1090/630kg, £1035/610kg, Adam Dunlop £90/510kg, £900/460kg, £800/410kg, Columba Feeney £780/420kg, £680/400kg, £600/440kg, £585/350kg, £580/360kg, Michael McShane £690/350kg, £680/330kg, Philip McShane £10/330kg, £570/320kg, Philip Bryson £560/330kg, £510/300kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Ernest Colhoun £1340, £1230, £1220, £1180, £1000, Hazel Morrell £1330, £960, £960, Andrew Peoples £1200.