Great prices at Draperstown

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There were great prices throughout the sale on Friday at Draperstown. Bullocks £310/650kg, Heifers £1265/690kg, Fat Cows £1117.50/650kg and Weanlings up as far as £960.

BULLOCKS: Peter McNally £1310/650kg,Robert Ferguson £1240/590kg, £1240/570kg, £1225/610kg, £1185/580kg, B & j Hasson £1170/550kg, £1155/540kg, £1050/550kg, Sean Mullin £1120/480kg, Samuel Jackson £1100/450kg, Barry McCullagh £1070/580kg, £1060/600kg, £940/560kg, Andrew Bates £1060/440kg, Peter Speir £995/470kg, David Glasgow £980/360kg, £965/400kg, £960/400kg, £840/330kg, Charles Loughran £860/330kg, A Bates £920/270kg, Peter McNally £920/460kg, £915/450kg, £870/400kg, Barry McCullagh £900/530kg, Sean Mullin £870/410kg, Charles Loughran £825/370kg, William Moore £825/460kg, Andrew Bates £800/330kg, £820/410kg, B & J Hasson £820/440kg, William Moore

£820/560kg, £820/560kg, £820/560kg,£800/470kg, Andrew Bates £800/360kg, David Glasgow £800/350kg, Charles Loughran £800/320kg, £800/330kg, £800/280kg, Barry McCullagh £800/480kg,

HEIFERS: Sean Mullan £1265/690kg, William Brown £1150/490kg, David Glasgow £1090/490kg, £1085/490kg, £1040/450kg, £1000/490kg, Joseph Murray £1090/520kg, David Duncan £1070/610kg, £1040/550kg, £1000/530kg, £930/510kg, £870/500kg, Peter McNally £1070/470kg, Robert Ferguson £1030/500kg, C Spence £1030/530kg, £1025/580kg, £1005/500kg, William Brown £1010/470kg, Charles Loughran £975/450kg, £945/460kg, £880/440kg, £840/400kg, £815/390kg, John Reid £965/450kg, Andrew Bates £845/380kg, Neil Diamond £830/400kg, £820/420kg, William Brown £805/450kg, William Bates £800/370kg, £800/370kg

FAT COWS: Michael McGlade £1117.50/650kg, Oliver McKenna £1020.50/650kg, Robert Ferguson £971.50/670kg, James Purcell £962/650kg, Nigel Jordan £896/700kg, £775.20/510kg, Peter McNally £861.80/620kg, £836.40/510kg, James Purcell £810.90/530kg, Kevin McKeown £793.60/640kg, Oliver McKenna, £784.70/590kg, Neil AcAtamney £724.50/630kg, £678/600kg, Patrick Daly £660/600kg, David Duncan £640.20/660kg, £638.40/570kg, Thomas Doherty £593.40/.430kg,

WEANLINGS MALE: Seamus Loughran £960/370kg, Tony Kelly £880/350kg, Pat McKenna £870/420kg, £850/360kg, £835/360kg, £810/420kg, Stanley Ferguson £845/450kg, Seamus Loughran £830/330kg, Joseph McHugh £820/340kg, £795/380kg, £775/370kg, William Moore £805/390kg, £780/350kg, £775/290kg, £700/300kg, Michael ONeill £775/320kg,

WEANLING HEIFER: Michael O’Neill £890/390kg, £775/340kg,£770/330kg, £750/370kg, £720/340kg, £630/290kg, Pat McKenna £870/390kg, £725/380kg, Joseph McHugh £835/390kg, £680/360kgStanley Ferguson £760/400kg, £700/410kg, Seamus Loughran £740/310kg, Pat McKenna £725/380kg, Brenda Lee £665/270kg, £600/280kg, £565/220kg,