Great prices overall at Lisahally

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There were great prices overall in Wednesday’s sale in Lisahally.

Bullocks £1345/660kg, heifers £1000/530kg, Suckler Cows up to £1450

Bullocks: Ronald Mackey £1345/660kg,£1190/620kg,£1180/620kg, I Snodgrass £1340/680kg, J ames Morrison £1205/700kg, £1180/680kg, David Curry £1105/640kg, £1075/540kg, £975/490kg, £960/620kg, £835/460kg, Sarah Rosborough £1090/560kg, £995/540kg, £960/550kg, William Wilson £1080/600kg, £1065/580kg, £1065/560kg, I Snodgrass £1055/510kg, David Curry £975/490KG, £960/550KG, £835/460KG, £935/520KG, Robewrt Gamble £910/600kg, £810/570kg, Norman Thompson £900/550kg, £890/550kg, £810/500kg, £810/510kg, £805/490kg, Harold Shannon £840/440kg, Philip Bryson £810/370kg, £770/330kg, £740/330kg, C Leonard £790/330kg, £775/300kg, £750/300kg, £740/310kg, £730/310kg, £710/330kg,

Heifers: Brian Killen £1000/530kg, £900/550kg, £900/520kg, £880/470kg, £850/470kg, William Wilson £950/530kg, David Curry £900/550kg, £875/480kg, £855/520kg, £820/450kg, £800/400kg, £755/360kg, S McGuinness £870/420kg, £850/390kg, Philip Bryson £705/370kg, David Curry £700/370kg, £645/350kg,

Suckler Cows: David Curry £1450, £1370, £1270, £1260, £1200 ,£1200, £1160, £1140, £1140, £1000