Great sale of sheep at Gortin

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Another great sale on Monday. Lambs £79.80/24kg, Fat Ewes £125 and Ewes and Lambs up to £210.

LAMBS: A Bradley £79.80/24kg,Oran Doherty £76.20/26kg, Alan Speer £75.50/23kg, Robert McAdoo £75.20/24kg, Gary McAdoo £75/23kg, Patrick Nicholas £75/27kg, Wesley Ferguson £74.50/22kg, Mr McFarland £7.50/22kg, Peter O’Neill £74.80/26kg, Sam Hughes £74/24kg, Oran Doherty £74/25kg, Patrick Sharkey £73.80/22kg, Mary McKay £73.20/23kg, Kathleen Acheson £73/21kg, Joseph Gormley £73/23kg, Gregory Quinn £73/22kg, Sean Conway £72.80/22kg, Sean Lavery £71/22kg, Ivan McKelvey £71/23kg,

FAT EWES: Kevin Loughlin £125,Ivan McKelvey £108Adrian Hamilton £108, Keith Campton £104, A Moore £98.50, £98.50, T R Crawford £97, Barry Meenagh £96, PC Farms £95, William Martin £93, Patrick Sharkey £93, Gordon Gibson £92, Joseph Gormley £91, E McVeigh £90, PC Farms £88, Adrian Hamilton £88, James Tanney £85, TR Crawford £82.50, Peter O’Neill £81, Mark Campton £77, Keith Campton £76,

EWES & LAMBS: Ciaran McEldowney £210, Derek Farrell £170, Michael McGlade £158, William Donald £150, Patrick Heron £150, Patrick O’Brien £148, Ciaran McEldowney £145, £145, £142, £142, £138, £135