Great turnout of sheep at Gortin

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There was a great turnout of sheep at Monday’s sale in Gortin. Fat Lambs £99.50/28kg, fat ewes up to £142.

Fat Lambs: Colin Mullin £99.50/28kg, Damien McSwiggan £96.20/30kg, Isaac Crilly £96/28kg, £96/30kg, Mr McFarland £96/31kg, £96/31kg, £95, Alistair Sproule £95/24kg, £95/24kg, Bernard Ward £95/28kg, F Conway £94/28kg, Seamus Molloy £94/28kg, C Mullin £94/29kg, Keith McMullin £93/24kg, James Robinson £93/28kg, Thomas Elliott £92.80/23.80kg, F Conway £92.50/26.50kg, Stewart Patterson £92.20/25.50kg, John O’Donnell £91.50/27.60kg, John Saunderson £91.50/25kg, Seamus McKeever £91/27kg, William Martin £91/25kg, R Hopper £90.80/25kg,C Beattie £90/26kg, ewes and lambs £160

Fat Ewes: L Donnell £142, S Clarke £128, £118, Gregory Quinn £118, Kieran McGrath £116, Samuel Lennox £111, Thomas Eliott £110, Moses Irwin £110, Patrick McDermott £110, A McFarland £110, £110, Ronan Ward £108, Fergal McKenna £100, Patrick McDermott £98, Alan Speer £97

Ewes & Lambs: Patrick Conway £160, 116, S Mullin £118, £116, James Doherty £100

Foster Ewes: M Scott £160, £152, Malcolm Beattie £151, Eamon Bryson £145, £135