Increased demand for quality stock at Clogher

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1504 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart this week sold to an increased demand for quality stock in all sections.

In the Fatstock Ring Cow Heifers sold to a top of £208 for a 590kg Char. £198 for a 710kg Char and £188 for a 520kg Sim. Beef Cows peaked at £183 for a 700kg Lim. £177 for a 690kg Daq. and £175 for a 910kg Char.

Leading prices: Portadown Producer 590kg Ch. to £208, 710kg Ch. to £198 and 600kg Lim. to £175. Omagh Producer 520kg Sim. to £188. Dungannon Producer 540kg Lim. to £188. Gortin Producer 700kg Lim. to £183. Portadown Producer 670kg B/B. to £180. Portadown Producer 690kg Daq. to £177. Fermanagh Producer 910kg Ch. to £175.

Markethill Producer 800kg Lim. to £174. Cookstown Producer 540kg Lim. to £170. Fermanagh Producer 580kg Lim. to £169. Strabane Producer 530kg Lim. to £167. Trillick Producer 620kg Ch. to £166. Fivemiletown Producer 750kg Lim. to £163. Newtownhamilton Producer 610kg Ch. to £162. Cookstown Producer 710kg Lim. to £157. Augher Producer 490kg Lim. to £156. Dungannon Producer 520kg Lim. to £155. Money More Producer 670kg Ch. to £153 and 620kg Ch. to £150.

Other quality lots sold from £134 to £148 per 100kg

2nd quality lots sold from £110 to £126 per 100kg

Well fleshed Friesian Cows sold from £108 to £121 per 100kg

Plainer lots sold from £74 to £92 per 100kg

Poorer types sold from £52 to £70 per 100kg

FAT BULLS: 1020kg Sim. to £115, 970kg Ch. to £114, 1100kg AA. to £110, 850kg Char. to £107, 1160kg Hol. to £100, 670kg Char. to £80.

FAT STEERS (overage): 570kg Ch. to £166, 880kg Lim. to £141, 750kg Char. to £134, 710kg Lim. to £133, 770kg Lim. to £131, 590kg Her. to £129, 770kg Sim. to £126, 880kg Sim. to £125.

FAT STEERS (underage): 540kg Lim. to £183, 600kg Lim. to £177, 630kg Ch. to £175, 670kg Ch. to £175, 680kg Lim. to £173, 610kg AA. to £160, 590kg AA. to £160, 550kg B/B. to £160, 560kg B/B. to £160. 920kg Her. to £146, 680kg Daq. to £128.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 460kg Lim. to £176, 560kg B/B. to £169, 540kg AA. to £158, 460kg Sim. to £157, 560kg Ch. to £156, 670kg Her. to £148, 570kg Her. to £137, 550kg Fr. to £127, 550kg Fr. to £124, 510kg Hol. to £119, 520kg Fr. to £117, 540kg Fr. to £116.


A good steady demand for a large entry with strong stores selling to £1285 for a 680kg AA £1170 for a 650kg Ch. £1150 for a 630kg AA. and £1150 for a 580kg AA. to R Martin Portadown. Fermanagh Producer 700kg AA. to £1270 and 610kg Ch. to £1150. G McGarrity Sixmilecross 700kg Lim. to £1190 710kg Ch. to £1155. Cookstown Producer 710kg Ch. to £1180 and 620kg Ch. to £1150. S Mohan Fivemiletown 670kg Ch. to £1175. Carrick Farms Aughnacloy 680kg B/B. to £1160. T Quinn Coalisland 650kg Lim. to £1160. D J Parr Caledon 620kg AA. to £1155 and 650kg AA. to £1140. F P Maloon Dungannon 660kg B/B. to £1150. F A McCarville Caledon 590kg Ch. to £1145. R Hall Fivemiletown 670kg Ch. to 31145 and 690kg Ch. to £1135

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: P & M Mullan Omagh 490kg Ch. to £1010 and 480kg Ch. to £970. T Lockhart Dungannon 410kg Ch. to £1000 and 470kg Ch. to £890. S & C Monaghan Cookstown 470kg Lim. to £965 and 470kg Lim. to £950. J Donnelly Augher 490kg Ch. to £950, 460kg Ch. to £915. W Preston Armagh 480kg AA. to £930. F McGirr Clogher 450kg Her. to £930 and 480kg Lim. to £925. A Lynch Ballygawley 480kg Lim. to £930. P Tally Dungannon 460kg Lim. to £910. H Brown Pomeroy 470kg Sim. to £910. T Noble Lisbellaw 480kg Shb. to £905. I Smith Fivemiletown 480kg AA. to £900. M Sheridan Armagh 460kg Lim. to £900. E McCaffery Tempo 430kg AA. to £890 and 470kg Sim. to £885.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: T Noble Lisbellaw 350kg AA. to £730. Fermanagh Producer 330kg Her. to £640 and 330kg Her. to £530. W Preston Armagh 340kg Ch. to £640.


A very firm demand for a large entry with forward lots selling to £1210 for a 610kg Lim. £1115 for a 580kg Ch. and £1065 for a 680kg Ch. to P L Haugh Portadown G McGarrity Sixmilecross 690kg Lim. to £1195 and 660kg Lim. to £1170. R Withers Fivemiletown 640kg Lim. to £1150 and 660kg Ch. to £1135. F Flynn Fermanagh 640kg Ch. to £1145, 620kg Ch. to £1125 and 680kg Ch. to £1065. M J Keys Clogher 640kg Ch. to £1105. J Howell Fivemiletown 560kg Lim. to £1100 , 610kg Ch. to £1080 and 580kg Ch. to £1065. S Pauley Sixmilecross 550kg Ch. to £1100 and 530kg Ch. to £1065. J Coary Dungannon 570kg Lim. to £1100. M Donaghy Dungannon 540kg Lim. to £1095. J O Neill Omagh 570kg Ch. to £1090.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: M Donaghy Dungannon 480kg Lim. to £1100. J Burke Derrylin 490kg Ch. to £1050. G Yarr Angus Scotland 490kg Lim. to £1025. K Hughes Dungannon 500kg Lim. to £1025. J O Neill Omagh 500kg Ch. to £1025 and 480kg Ch. to £1025. Wm. Preston Armagh 480kg Ch. to £1015 and 500kg Ch. to £985. P Tally Dungannon 480kg Ch. to £1015. D Simpson Aughnacloy 450kg Ch. to £990. G Litter Portadown 490kg AA. to £990 and 440kg Lim. to £950. R Withers Fivemiletown 500kg Lim. to £985. P McAleer Pomeroy 490kg Lim. to £970. S Davidson Dungannon 460kg Sal. to £970. J Donnelly Augher 430kg Ch. to £945.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: Wm. Preston Armagh 370kg Ch. to £810. A Timmons Lisburn 380kg Ch. to £800 and 390kg Ch. to £700. J J McDonnell Fivemiletown 390kg Lim. to £790 and 360kg Lim. to £760. G Litter Portadown 390kg Ch. to £775. D Simpson Aughnacloy 370kg Ch. to £775. D McManus Roscor. 350kg Ch. to £770, 350kg Ch. to £750, 390kg Ch. to £750, 320kg Ch. to £730. G Allen Portadown 380kg Ch. to £730 and 360kg Ch. to £690. L Logue Omagh 350kg Lim. to £675. M A Flynn Rosslea 360kg Ch. to £660, and 300kg Ch. to £630.


Another good entry sold readily with Steers & Bulls selling to £980 for a 520kg Lim. £910 for a 470kg Ch. and 885 for a 390kg Lim. to P McElroy Clogher. S Armstrong Kesh 530kg Lim. to £970 and 450kg Ch. to £875. S Kelly Carrickmore 450kg Ch. to £925, 460kg Ch. to £900, 420kg Ch. to £840and 410kg Ch. to £840. J J Moane Cooneen 390kg Lim. to £910, 370kg Lim. to £850 and 350kg Lim. to £840. S McKeown Sixmilecross 470kg Ch. to £895 and 370kg Ch. to £865. S McAleer Omagh 390kg Ch. to £885. I Rea Crumlin 470kg Ch. to £870. P McConnell Clogher 370kg Ch. to £860. J Martin Fermanagh 340kg Lim. to £850. M O Donnell Dungannon 460kg Ch. to £845.

WEANLING HEIFERS: S Kelly Carrickmore 480kg Ch. to £950, 460kg Ch. to £910, 380kg Ch. to £790. M Allen Loughgall 360kg Ch. to £850, and 360kg Lim. to £805. S McDonald Carrickmore 430kg Ch. to £845. JJM. DM & S Donnelly Sixmilecross 360kg Ch. to £810. M G McAleer Omagh 360kg Ch. to £805. S F McCaughey Clogher 370kg Ch. to £800. J Martin Fermanagh 350kg Lim. to £795 and 350kg Lim. to £775. A Ellison Fivemiletown 280kg Ch. to £780. R E & F J Coulter Tempo 420kg Ch. to £770, 380kg Ch. to £770, 350kg Ch. to £750, 360kg Ch. to £750 and 400kg Ch. to £745. S Hill Carrickfergus 330kg Ch. to £760. G Taggart Coalisland 400kg Can. to £745 and 380kg Ch. to £740.


A smaller entry sold to £1015 and £955 for Calved Heifers to a Co Armagh Producer. Local Producer £1000 for Calved Heifer. Co Armagh Producer £910 for Calved Heifer.

BREEDING BULLS: S Mohan £1500 for Ped Non Reg Lim. P Gallagher £1320 for Ped Reg Char. J Brownlee £1200 for Ped Reg Lim. R McBride £1035 for Ped Non Reg Char.


Another great turnout this week sold to a strong demand especially for quality lots with Roly Hadden Dungannon selling a Heifer & Bull Calf to £2000, and Heifers with Heifer Calves to £1900, £1705 and £1600. F G Flynn Fivemiletown £1725 for 2nd Calver and Bull Calf and £1550 for 2010 Cow & Heifer Calf. Ed Mc Cann Fintona £1655 for Heifer & Bull Calf and £1405 for 2nd Calver & Bull Calf. M/S D & F Anderson Irvinestown £1570 for 2011 Cow & Steer Calf and £1310 for 09 Cow & Steer Calf. D F N Graydon Maguiresbridge £1505 for 3rd Calver & Bull Calf. N McCleery Augher £1470 for Heifer & Bull Calf. S Eagleson Aughnacloy £1405 for 2nd Calver & Bull Calf. S McKeown Middletown £1370 for Heifer & Bull Calf and £1310 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. G McKee Co Armagh £1370 for 2011 Cow & Bull Calf. G M McGrath Omagh £1325 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. O McElroy Dromara £1300 twice for 2010 Cows with Heifer Calves. Several other outfits sold from £955 to £1260.


F E McCaughey £1230, J Elliott £1075, £1005, £955 and £880. F McNally £1055 and £900.


A smaller entry sold easily to a brisk demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £450 for a Lim. to J F Martin Kinawley. I Eagleson Aughnacloy £430 for Lim. Clogher Producer £360 for Lim. A C Lunny Aghalane £360 for B/B B Corrigan Rosslea £355 for Lim. Wm Wilson Dungannon £345 for Lim. and £330 for AA. P A & J Grue Lisnaskea £290 and £275 for Chars.

HEIFERS: S A Corrigan Clogher £590 for Char. G R A Lawder Trillick £390 and £280 for B/Bs. T Conlin Fintona £390 for Char. R Hassard Enniskillen £340 for Herford. D J T Elliott Brookeborough £280 for Lim.

REARED BULLS: J M McGovern Clogher £635 for Char. S Lagan Stewartstown £635 for Char. Glencrew Farms Aughnacloy £590 for Char. J McGrath Omagh £575 for Char. B Maguire Co Sligo£560 and £515 for Chars.

REARED HEIFERS: A Farrell Fivemiletown £700 and £590 for Limms. Kesh Producer £560 and £500 for Limms. Clogher Producer £560 and £540 for Limms and £550 for Her. B Maguire Co Sligo £460 twice and £420 twice for Chars. S Lagan Stewartstown £445 and £430 for Chars.