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A stronger trade this week. Bullocks £1100/590kg, Heifers £1100/670kg.

BULLOCKS: Ivan Donnell £1100/590kg, Matthew Blair £1095/700kg, £1015/590kg, John Patton £985/530kg, Ivan Donnell £890/490kg, £885/520kg, John Patton £875/490kg, William Moore £860/430kg, John Beattie £850/520kg, William Buchanan £820/490kg, David Hunter £810/530kg, £805/460kg, David Hunter £800/500kg, Marvyn Rodgers £800/450kg, William Moore £790/400kg, John Beattie £775/490kg

HEIFERS: William Moore £1100/670kg, Raymond Snodgrass £1080/670kg, £1080/580kg, £1035/520kg, £1015/630kg, W Lyons £1035/610kg, Alaistair Glenn £1010/650kg, £1000/630kg, Samual Pollock £990/600kg, Raymond Snodgrass £980/530kg, W Lyons £980/660kg, John Patton £955/660kg, William Moore £950/540kg, £950/520kg, £930/500kg, Samual Pollock £900/540kgJohn Patton £890/580kg, W Lyons £850/530kg.

A steady trade on Tuesday with lambs selling to £90, Stores Lambs £72, Fat Ewes £96 and Ewes & Lambs £132.

FAT LAMBS: Eugene McCrossan £90/23kg, G Christie £87/21kg, Mervyn Whiteside £87/23kg, Harry Devenney £85.50/23kg, S & D Whiteside £85/22kg,Robert Waugh £84.80/27kg, Robert Lowry £84/25kg, S Cassidy £84/20kg, Thomas Henderson £84/22kg,R yan Brolly £83.50/22kg, John McClelland £82/25kg, Leslie Robinson £82/22kg, McLaughlin Bros £82/29kg, Ryan Brolly £78.50/20kg

STORE LAMBS: S Cassidy £72,G Christie £70Scott Cunningham £71, JohnCuthbert £70, Deborah ODwyer £69.50, John McHugh £66, Ryan Brolly £64, Norman McFarland £60

FAT EWES: Eugene McCrossan £96, Robert Waugh £96, £92,£80, £80, Amanda Scott £84, William McConway £80, John McClelland £80, Eugene McCrosson £79, Gillian McDaid £78, John Dodds £76.50