MARTS: Downpatrick

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At the fortnightly cattle sale on Monday night, there was an increased entry of all types of cattle from the previous sale.

On the night a LIM bullock at 418kg sold to £950 (2.26ppk) and in the heifer section a DAQ at 346kg sold £770.00 (2.23ppk). Leading prices as follows:


Drumaness farmer 418kg LIM £950 (2.26ppk), Drumreagh farmer 400kg LIM £890(2.21ppk), Clough farmer 494kg LIM £1040(2.11ppk), Ballydrummond farmer 426kg DAQ £905(2.11ppk), Seaforde farmer 404kg LIM £845(2.08ppk), Ballyhaninch farmer 432kg DAQ £900 (2.07ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 462kg CH £955(2.07ppk), Drumreagh farmer 394kg LIM £810(2.06ppk),  Crossgar farmer 402kg LIM £825(2.05ppk), Drumaness farmer 438kg DAQ £894(2.04ppk),Raholp  farmer 354kg AA £720 (2.03ppk), Raholp farmer 386kg AA £780 (2.02ppk), Downpatrick farmer 528kg CH £1060(2.01ppk) and 482kg  CH £935(1.94ppk),Loughinsland farmer 464kg DAQ £865 (1.86ppk), Downpatrick farmer 338kg SHB £625(1.85ppk), Crossgar farmer 360kg SHB £655 (1.82ppk), Raholp farmer 312kg LIM £560(1.80ppk), Saintfield farmer 384kg HER £675(1.76ppk), Bonecastle farmer 250kg LIM £435(1.74ppk) and 252kg LIM £435 (1.73ppk), Clough farmer 524kg HER £900 (1.72ppk),Ballynagross farmer 350kg CH £600(1.72ppk), Strangford farmer 450kg MB £765(1.70ppk), Clough farmer 506kg £860(1.70ppk), Ballynoe farmer 608kg CH £1009(1.66ppk) and Bonecastle farmer 230kg LIM £375(1.63ppk).


Drumaness farmer 346kg DAQ £770 (2.23ppk) and 296kg DAQ £635(2.15ppk),  Dromara farmer 388kg LIM £650(1.68ppk), Saintfield  farmer 336kg LIM £555(1.65ppk), Dromara farmer 430kg LIM £610 (1.42ppk) and  Newcastle farmer 334kg LIM £450 (1.35ppk).

Cows & Calves

Ballynoe farmer sold a six year old AA cow with calves at £1640.

At the weekly sheep sale last Saturday 29/08/15 fat lambs sold to £70.50 and fat ewes to £60.00.

Leading prices as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Downpatrick farmer 26kg £70.50, Ballyward farmer 27kg £70, Ballyculter farmer 25kg £65.80, Killough farmer 24kg £65, Downpatrick farmer 23kg £64.60, Downpatrick farmer 33kg £64.50, Killough farmer 24kg £64.00, Dromara farmer 23.5kg £64.00, Castlewellan farmer 23.6kg £64.00, Ballynoe farmer 22kg £63.50, Ballykinlar farmer 24kg £63.00, Ballyalton farmer 24kg £63.00, Crossgar farmer 24kg £63.00, Ballyward farmer 22kg £62, Ballyalton farmer 23kg £62.00, Ballynoe farmer 22kg £61.00 and Ballyward farmer 22.5kg £60, Loughinisland farmer 21kg £60.

FAT EWES: Downpatrick farmer £60, Loughinisland farmer £54, Ballycruttle farmer £54, Corbally farmer £53, Crossgar farmer £52, Castlewellan farmer £52, Annacloy farmer £52 and Killough farmer £50.