MARTS: Pomeroy

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A full yard of cattle on offer on Thursday all sold to a high demand.Bullocks sold up to £1090/620 and heifers £1075/450kg.


Trevor BLAIR £1090/620KG, Michael Quinn £940/360kg, £920/320kg, £910/330kg, £870/370kg, £810/290kg, £800/330kg, £725/320kg, Danny McAleer 3930/370KG, Oliver Quinn £925/420kg, Owen O’Neill £880/400kg, £800/330kg, £800/360kg,Michael Quinn £870/370kg, £810/290kg, Noel Graham 830/350kg, £780/350kg,John Potter £780/310KGW D Spence £745/290kg, £745/320kg, Adrian Hamilton £730/310kg, Cecil Morrison £725/290kg, Edward Ferry £720/400KG, £700/340KG, Chrisother Potter £700/290KG, Kieran Harvey £690/280kg, £650/290kg, £640/270kg, £615/250kg, £595/270kg, £550/220kg, £535/220kg, Terence Rafferty £690/260KG, Noel Graham £680/340kg, £650/260kg, £600/240kg, Adrian Hamilton £765/280kg,Noel McVeigh £660/310KG.


Francis McCullagh £1075/450kg, £1050/440kg, Trevor Blair £1010/600kg, Gerard O Connor £940/480kg, £930/490kg, Noel Graham £890/340kg, WD Spence £835/410kg, Gorthill Farms £820/350kg, £810/41kg, £805/330kg, £740/330kg, £705/280kg, £700/290kg, £650/270kg, Oliver Heagney £820/370KG, £815/3409KG, Terence Rafferty £805/360kg, Gerard O’Connor £800/360kg, £790/420kg, Padraig Gormley £780, Edward Ferry £770/400kg, £670/370kg, WD Spence £745/340kg, Owen ONeill £700/330KG.