MEPs vote to exclude agricultural ATVs from new regulations

ULSTER Unionist MEP Jim Nicholson has welcomed that the European Parliament ruled against including agricultural ATVs in a package of regulations affecting motor cycles and on-road quad bikes.

These regulations include limits on emissions and the introduction of compulsory ABS brakes.

Speaking after the vote in Strasbourg Mr Nicholson said: “Road safety is an important issue but including agricultural ATVs in regulations designed to improve safety on public roads would have brought unnecessary cost to the agricultural industry. Also, given the nature of the regulations manufacturers would also have been impacted upon if the proposals had proceeded as originally intended.

“Agricultural ATVs are relied upon by farmers and foresters for their daily work and I welcome that as a result of this vote by MEPs they will now be exempt from this package of regulations as the original proposals failed to recognise the differences between them and motor cycles used on public roads.”