Precast bait boxes – the easy way to control rats

A Moore Concrete rat bait box
A Moore Concrete rat bait box

According to the experts, vermin such as rats are becoming more active than ever, trying to access the food sources they need to survive.

Rats breed rapidly, are versatile in their movement and consume huge quantities of food in relation to body weight. Sexual maturity is attained in just two to three months. In the following year the female produces six to seven litters of six to ten offspring. The wide ranging habitat of the rat means that wherever you are, the rat won’t be far away. It is easy for an infestation to build up without you ever seeing a rat as their nocturnal habits tend to keep them out of sight. If a rat is spotted during the day, this means there is already a sizeable infestation.

Signs of rat infestation include “runways”, smears, droppings, gnawing and tracks. With per capita food consumption of 25-30 g/day (10-15% of body weight), rats present farmers with a potentially huge economic problem. A population of 100 adult rats, typically consuming 28 g/day, can eat their way through 1 ton of feed grain or finished feed per year. Their role in terms of disease spread and structural damage is also significant.

The good news, however, is that Moore Concrete supply a precast rat bait box, designed to allow farmers to get to grips with any rat problems they might have in an extremely efficient and feasible manner.

“The boxes are extremely durable, manufactured with high strength concrete,” Moore Concrete’s Keri McGivern told Farming Life.

“This means they cannot be moved around by the rats while all the time protecting the bait from non-target animals and children. A further advantage is that the weight of the box means that it does not blow away or tip over in high winds. Each box contains a spindle, on which bait can be mounted while a tray is also incorporated for traditional pellets.

The bait boxes can be placed in any location around the farm yard and have proven themselves as more than effective rat traps on local farms.”

Rat bait boxes are available directly from Moore Concrete or though their wide network of suppliers throughout Northern Ireland.

For further information, telephone (028) 2565 2566.