Quality lots sell readily at Lisnaskea

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A small entry this week sold readily for quality lots with many more quality lots required to satisfy a strong demand.

Store bullocks sold to £1030 for a 600kg Lim. 440kg Lim to £922 and 460kg S/Horn to £800.

Store heifers sold to £900 for a 470kg Pie and 400kg Lim. to £772.

Weanling bulls sold to £870 for a 460kg Lim. £815 for a 460kg Lim. £790 for a 430kg Lim. £785 for a 410kg Lim. £730 for a 310kg Ch and £680 for a 350kg Ch.

Wealing heifers sold to £760 for a 380kg Lim. £675 for a 430kg Ch. £675 for a 410kg Ch. 280kg Ch to £608 and 280kg Ch to £575.