Rush Management Events at CAFRE

Rush cutting on a CAFRE Rush Control Demonstration Plot with a Quad and Flail Type Cutter.
Rush cutting on a CAFRE Rush Control Demonstration Plot with a Quad and Flail Type Cutter.
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Rush cover has become a major problem in the past few years. Rush is a herbaceous, low-nutrient plant which is often associated with poorly drained soils and is commonly found in areas of high rainfall with heavy acidic soils.

Heavy infestations of rush can be very damaging to priority habitats and they also reduce both the quality of grazing and the stock carrying capacity of the land. Where rushes are present it is very important to consider if the eligibility of land for area based schemes is affected.

However, it is important to note that small areas of rush in fields are beneficial for ground nesting birds such as curlew and snipe as cover is required for nests and to provide protection for the chicks.

Rush also provides cover for the Irish hare so it is about getting the correct balance as severe infestations can have very negative implications for wildlife. Fields with over one third rush cover require management to achieve a better balance between open space and cover.

CAFRE Rush Technology Project

CAFRE established four rush technology project sites in 2014 to demonstrate different rush control methods. This project is expected to run for four years and monitoring will take place throughout each growing season. Cutting, weed wiping with glyphosate, spraying with MCPA and liming have taken place at each demonstration site and there is also an untreated plot for comparison.

To update everyone on findings to date CAFRE are holding two practical Rush Management Events as follows:

Venue one: Greenmount Hill Farm, Glenwherry, Ballymena, BT42 4RF

Date: Friday 25 September 2015

Choice of three Sessions:

Morning Session – commencing at 10.30am;

Afternoon Session – commencing at 2pm;

Evening Session – commencing at 5pm.

Venue two: Crom Estate, Newtownbutler, Co Fermanagh, BT92 8AP

Date: Thursday 1 October 2015

Choice of three Sessions:

Morning Session – commencing at 10.30am.

Afternoon Session – commencing at 2pm.

Evening Session – commencing at 5pm.

The training event will cover the following topics:

The Importance of Controlling Rush;

The CAFRE Rush Control Technology Project – Findings to Date;

Pesticide Law Changes 2015;

MCPA and Water Quality.

Practical Rush Control Machinery Demonstrations - which will include rush cutting with tractor and quad flail cutters, weed wiping with tractor/quad weed wipers and lime spreading.

To attend one of these events book online indicating which venue and session you would like to attend. To book please visit:

To book call CAFRE Industry Training on 028 9442 6880.