SLIDESHOW: YFCU members get active with RAF Reserves

Members of the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) recently took part in a training day with the association’s first training and communications partner RAF Reserves.

The day was highly anticipated by all the members who were separated into two groups throughout the day at the RAF Reserves base, Aldergrove Flying Station. 12 members took part in total from Dungiven YFC, Kilraughts YFC, Curragh YFC, Lisbellaw YFC, Glarryford YFC and YFCU deputy president, Roberta Simmons, Rathfriland YFC.

Each group had the opportunity to take part in a basic life saving skills workshop where they first received a theory session on scene safety, unconscious casualty /cardiac arrest and trauma from Flt Lt Carolan-Cullion. This proceeded to the practical session, through the use of mannequins used by the RAF Reserves in their training, where they got involved in the practical side of dealing with haemorrhage control and immobilisation.

The second workshop of the day was the mental health and first aid workshop where they received an introduction to mental health with Sgt Donaldson. This included personal accounts, a group activity and myth busting; this workshop aimed to take away the stereotypes associated with mental health. The second part of this workshop helped to present, detect and treat, pathways available, strategies and then a question and answer session.

Roberta Simmons, YFCU deputy president, thoroughly enjoyed the day said: “It was great to see members enjoy a training day such as this which was both informative and practical providing members with an insight to issues such as mental health, first aid and basic life saving skills. A growing partnership between YFCU and RAF Reserves is significant as it provides new opportunities for our members and the association. I look forward to more days such as this with the RAF Reserves”.

Squadron Leader Rankin, Executive Officer, 502 (Ulster) Sqn welcomed the YFCU members to the squadron and provided an overview of the illustrious history of 502 (Ulster) Sqn and explained how this proud history of distinguished services lives on in the current generation of RAF Reservists.

Squadron Leader Rankin said: “The RAF Reserves provides world class training to prepare their personnel for challenging situations on operations and exercises across the world and it was great that we could pass some of this training to the members of the YFCU”.

She added: “We are pleased to have members from the farming community on the squadron and like this event, they have brought their enthusiasm, dedication, team-spirit and real passion to the Royal Air Force Reserves. It was a very enjoyable day for all involved and I would like to thank Roberta and her team for taking the time to come to this event.”