Steady trade for stock at Pomeroy

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Another great turnout of stock on Thursday sold to a steady trade. Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Patrick & Padraig McPhilips £1150/630kg, Noel Boyle £1040/580kg, Sean Kerr £990/520kg, £970/450kg, Noel Boyle £945/460kg, £940/510kg,£915/480kg, Pearse Rafferty £920/440kg,Sean Kerr £900/450kg, £895/440kg, £890/480kg, £860/420kg, £830/420kg, £830/470kg, 3790/440kg, Pearse Rafferty £85/400kg, £805/400kg, Gerard McCrory £835/360kg, £790/330kg, Joseph McNamee £765/380kg, Heather Johnston £765/440kg,£700/320kg, Patrick Keenan £750/350kg, Martin Boone £740/480KG,£740/510kg, Mart Harte £740/340kg, £715/360kg

HEIFERS: Derek Jefferson £1070/380kg, Gerard McCrory £890/350kg Patrick Keenan £890/330kg, S McNelis £840/360KG,£700/360kg, Joseph McNamee £795/380kg, Derek Jefferson £770/430kg, Heather Johnston £700/380kg,£690/350kg, Gerard mCcRORY £680/300KG, Patrick Keenan £665/360kg, Steward Graham £660/400kg ,Christopher Meenagh £660/310kg, Margaret Stinson £650/360kg, £580/330kg,£505/260kg, Bernard McNally £530/300kg, Conrad Ward £515/270kg