Trade for store cattle remains strong at Plumbridge

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Store cattle trade remains strong at Plumbridge last week.

Sample prices for bullocks: G Warnock, Straidarran 490kg/£925, 470kg/£900, 490kg/£890, 450kg/£860, 470kg/£845, 440kg/£855. F McAleer, Plumbridge 360kg/£755, 400kg/£805, J. McAleer, Plumbridge 410kg/£850, 410kg/£855. W D Millar, Newtownstewart 420kg/£800, 360kg/£780, 390kg/£770, 340kg£660. S Feathers, Newtownstewart 440kg/£860, 340kg/£780. P Conway, Cranagh 310kg/£700, 340kg/£805. D O’Brien, Plumbridge 240kg/£555, 270kg/£550. M Clerkin, Plumbridge 300kg/£590, 270kg/£520, 220kg/£435.

Heifers: D and K Houston, Claudy 430kg/£785, 380kg/£770, 340kg/£660, 350kg/£660, 310kg/£610. W D Millar, 390kg/£860, 320kg/£755. S Feathers, 350kg /£810, 340kg/£760, 330kg/£685. R J Keys, Donemana 380kg/£740, 340kg/£635, 360kg/£635, 340kg/£610. P McGarvey, Plumbridge 310kg/£580, 310kg/£575. M McCullagh, Cranagh 350kg/£805, 350kg/£640. P McBride, Cranagh. 330kg/£650, 330kg/£635, 310kg/£560, 260kg/£540, 310kg/£525.

Sheep Blackface lambs to £85, fat ewes to £88, ewe lambs to £80.