Bullocks make up to £1440 for 720kg at Draperstown Mart

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Another outstanding trade last Friday at Draperstown.

Bullocks make up to £1440/720kg, heifers £1200/590kg, weanlings up to £800 and fat cows up to £1020.60/810kg.

BULLOCKS: Gary Arthur £1440/720kg, Jerome McGoldrick £1405/730kg, Laura Morrison and L Mountstephen £1400/690kg, £1270/610kg, £1205/710kg, £1200/640kg, £1180/610kg, £1140/590kg, £1140/690kg, Darren Henderson £1360/650kg, £1350/650kg, £1230/630kg, Gary Arthur £1310/680kg, £1220/640kg, Hugh Lagan £1275/620kg, £1110660kg, Robert Wilson £1260/620kg, £1240/580kg, £1220/610kg, £1155/550kg, Wilbert Wylie £1055/520kg, £1035510kg, £975/520kg, £970/490kg, £960/490kg, £955/490kg, £920/420kg, Joseph Doris/£1040/510kg, £990/480kg, £920/460kg, £950/460kg, Kevin McAleer £1000/500kg, Hugh Lagan £955/570kg,£900/590kg, Wilbert Wylie £900/460kg, £835/460kg, £835/430kg, £830/430kg, £815/420kg, £800/420kg, Hugh Lagan £845/520kg, £815/470kg.

HEIFERS: Jerome McGoldrick £1200/590kg, James Millar £1180/570kg, Louise and Michael O’Neill £1100/590kg, £1100/520kg, £1025/490kg, 31020/490kg, £1000/490kg, £965/500kg, Joseph Doris £1095/480kg, Kevin McAleer £1030/490kg, Gary Nugent £1005/510kg, James Millar £1000/500kg, £975/500kg,m Gary Nugent £965/510kg, Wilbert Wylie £955/570kg, £955/570kg, £945/510kg, £895/460kg, £835/480kg, Kevin McAleer £925/510kg, £890/480kg, £825/450kg, Ralph Pinkering £905/460kg,£900/440kg, £880/410kg, James Millar £900/480g, £865/470kg, Wilbert Wylie £800/440kg, £800/430kg, £770/420kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Kathleen Kerlin £800/320kg, £655/350kg, Kieran Monaghan £750/330kg., £710/310kg, £600/250kg, £535/220kg, £455/210kg, James Quinn £580/360kg, Colm McGarvey £545/300kg, £515/300kg, £430/220kg, Ralph Pickering £490/270kg.

WEANLING HEIFER: Colm McGarvey £750/330kg, £650/250kg, £500/260kg, Kathleen Kerlin £520/270kg, £505/250kg, Ralph Pickering £420/240kg.

FAT COWS: Kenneth McIlwaine £1020.60/810kg, Ralph Pickering £1006.40/680kg, Martin Brogan £994/710kg, £943.80/660kg, T Cassidy £963.60/660kg, Francis Quigley £931.30/670kg, Richard Palmer £91250/730kg, Brendan McCullagh £903/700kg, Kieran Monaghan £883.50/570kg, Francis Quigley £799.10/610kg, £793.60/620kg, Kieran Monaghan £770/550kg, Ralph Pickering £762.50/610kg, Martin Brogan £730.80/580kg, Norman Dallas £713/620kg, William Turkington £713/620kg, Michael McCullagh £672.80/580kg, Martin Brogan £644.80/520kg.