Bullocks sell to £1,220 for 610kg at Lisahally Mart

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There was another good show of stock on Wednesday at Lisahally Mart.

Bullocks £1,220/610kg, heifers £1,085/570kg and fat cows £995.50/650kg.

BULLOCKS: Daniel Wade £1,220/610kg, £1,155/610kg, £1,055/540kg, £1,020/550kg, Wesley Hawkes £1,040/560kg, Patrick McNicholl £1,035/560kg, Raymond Matthews £1,010/560kg, Stuart Caskie £1,005/560kg, £980/500kg, John McClelland £985/500kg, £980/520kg, £935/460kg, £855/400kg, £825/390kg, Wesley Hawkes £970/470kg, £900/460kg, Raymond Matthews £965/530kg, £880/560kg, £820/530kg, £800/510kg, Raymond McLaughlin £945/490kg, Philip McDermott £805/410kg, William Smyth £800/470kg, David Gamble £795/390kg, John and Ryan Young £760/420kg, Anne McCloy £720/390kg, Raymond Deery £700/300kg, Raymond Nutt £675/260kg, David Hawthorn £665/310kg.

HEIFERS: Patrick McNicholl £1,085/570kg, £1,040/550kg, £1,000/580kg, Glenfern Farm £980/490kg, £920/440kg, £905/kg, £885/430kg, £860/500kg, William Smyth £980/560kg, £975/590KG, £790/450kg, Ken Adair £940/490kg, Adrian Hamilton £830/450kg, £740/380kg, Wesley Hawkes £770/460kg, £735/460kg, Anne McCloy £760/400kg, £75/370kg, William Smyth £730/430kg, Raymond Nutt £695/320kg, David Gamble £650/390kg, David Hawthorn £640/270kg, Raymond Deery £640/310kg, £630/300kg, £600/310kg, £575/320kg, Raymond Nutt £555/280kg, J Snodgrass £550/210kg.

FAT COWS: R and F McKean £995.50/650kg, £952/680kg, £924.60/670kg, John and Ryan Young £724.80/480kg, S and D Whiteside £683.40/510kg.