Bullocks sell to £1480 for 740kg at Lisahally Mart

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Another large entry this week at Lisahally Mart sold to a demanding trade.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Andrew McKinley £1480/740kg, £1315/700kg, Ronald Mackey £1340/660kg, £1300/680kg, £1245/740kg, Victor Craig £1325/700kg, Gary Miller £1265/640kg, £1155/600kg, £1145/560kg, £1120/520kg, D and S Thompson £1120/570kg, R Killen £1115/570kg, £1050/570kg, £1045/520kg, £1015/580kg, £1010/590kg, Michael McShane £1035/500kg, £1035/530kg, £970/480kg, W Kennedy £1005/530kg, V Craig £1000/580kg, £1000/560kg,£1095/640kg, £1000/560kg, £970/570kg, D and S Thompson £995/550kg, £970/510kg, Andrew Peoples £990/480kg, £960/480kg, R Killen £980/580kg, £975/550kg.

HEIFERS: Wilbert McNeill £1130/640kg, R Killen £1015/600kg, local farmer £995/560kg, £960/450kg, £890/420kg, £860/420kg, £850/430kg, £825/400kg, William Barclay £950/540kg, Paul Armstrong £870/460kg, John Beattie £850/420kg, £800/450kg, Willaim Barclay £705/410kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: C Moore £720/320kg, £690/310kg, S Devine £700/320KG, £680/330kg, W Kennedy £650/340kg, Richard Hawkes £515/330kg, £480/380kg, £460/340kg, £445/320kg, £445/320kg, £425/320kg, £425/320kg, £400/270kg, £400/270kg, £400/270kg, £365/270kg, Aubrey Hawkes £480/350kg, £470/340kg, £405/300kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: S Devine £700/280kg, £690/300kg, W Kennedy £690/310kg, Robert Thompson £570/300kg, £550/250kg, £520/230kg, £470/280kg.

FAT COWS: Liam Devine £778.40/560kg, S Devine £762.50/610kg, £745.20/540kg, R Killen £733.60/560kg, £729/540kg.

Fat lambs sell to £88.20 on Tuesday.

Prices as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Patrick Brolly £88.20/26kg, John Brolly £88/30kg, Michael O’Hara £86.80/25kg, Barney O’Kane £85, Liam Bryson £85/27kg, William Martin £84/27kg, Robert Blackburn £83.80/24kg, Kelly Farms £83.20/25kg, Don Sheerin £80/23kg, Patrick Proctor £78.50/23kg, D Sheerin £76.50/22kg, Murray McCombe £5.50/21kg.

STORE LAMBS: Robert Blackburn £70.50, Don Sheerin £70, DSR Moore £69.50, Alan McMurray £67, Patrick Brolly £50.

FAT EWES: Local farmer £92, £86, Kelly Farms £88.50, Patrick Brolly £87.50, Coleraine farmer £84,£80 Alan McMurray £84, £81, £69, Liam Bryson £78.50, Patrick Brolly £76.50.