Bullocks sell to £960 for 400kg at Pomeroy Mart

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There was great demand for both bullocks and heifers on last Thursday (May 18th) at Pomeroy Mart.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Michael McElhone £960/400kg, Alan Roulston £910/380kg, Stewart Graham £890/340kg, Deerpark Collections £850/400kg, Francis Mullan £820/300kg, David Hutchinson £820/330kg, Thos Boyd £820/440kg, Michael McElhone £800/340kg, B Quinn £800/300kg, Alan Roulston £800/360kg, David Hutchinson £800/410kg, £795/300kg, James McHugh £780/340kg, John Donnelly £780/310kg, £775/330kg, £770/300kg, £740/340kg, £710/260kg, Stewart Graham £730/260kg, S Gallagher £700/250kg, £690/240kg, Alan Roulston £700/290kg, Michael McElhone £665/250kg, £640/260kg, John Donnelly £640/250kg, Deerpark Collections £545/260kg, Sean Donnelly £530/260kg.

HEIFERS: Martin Rafferty £955/420kg, Thos Boyd £935/470kg, £855/460kg, Denis McVeigh £910, £830, James McVeigh £825/340kg, £815/360kg, Thos Boyd £815/440kg, John Donnelly £805/350kg, S Kelly £800, James McHugh £800/350kg, David Hutchinson £790/310kg, £675/290KG, £635/340kg, Alan Roulston £735/310kg, John Donnelly £735/350kg, £725/300kg, £685/330kg, James McHugh £665/300kg, Martin Rafferty £665/330kg, John Donnelly £650/270kg, £640/350kg, £630/270kg, Alan Roulston £635/270kg,£600/360kg, B Quinn £575/230kg, Sean Donnelly £615/290kg, £500/340kg, James McHugh £560/230kg.