Fat lambs sell to up to £85 at Gortin Mart

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Another excellent sheep trade on Monday as fat lambs sell up to £85.

Store lambs £73, fat ewes £80 and breeding ewes 380 guineas.

FAT LAMBS: Julia Glasgow £85/26kg, £85/26kg, Kieran Kearney £85/26kg, Patrick Kelly £83.80/5kg, John Young £83.50/24kg, £83.50/4kg, Stephen Lindsay £83.20/24kg, Francis Bradley £83/25kg, Trevor Turkington £81/23kg, Francis Conway £80/4kg, John McGlynn £79.50/4kg, S and A Conway £78.50/22kg, Stephen McAuley £77.80/22kg, Austin McCullagh £75/22kg, Francis Matthews £75/21kg, S McKane £75/22kg, Declan McGee £74/22kg.

STORE LAMBS: Davis Williamson £73, Julia Glasgow £72.50, Stephen Lindsay £71.50, S McKane, David Scott ££70, Aidan Carton £70, Jason McCormack £69.50, Peter Keenan £69, Mary Mitchell £68.50, £66.80, Noel Glass £62, Ian Kee £62, Peter Keenan £60.

FAT EWES: Aidan Carton £80, James Gormley £80, Hugh O’Kane £78.50, David Forsythe £77, Aidan Carton £75, Hugh O’Kane £60, Conor Daly £57, S Loughlin £57.

BREEDING EWES: William Moore 380g, £380g, 360g, 350g, 340g, 330g, 320g, 320g, 310g, 300g, 300g, 290g, 280g, 280g, 280g, 250g, 250g, 240g, 240g, 240g, 240g, 220g, 220g, 220g, 210g, 200g, 200g.