Great demand for sheep at Gortin

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A full yard of sheep sold to great demand.

Prices as follows:

FAT LAMBS: A McFarland £86/26kg, £85.50/27kg, Raymnd McTeague £85/26kg, Catherine Conway £85/35kg, Robert Buchanan £83/25kg, Andrew Fleming £84/24kg, Patrick McCrory £83.80/26kg, Stewart Patterson £83.80/25kg, Catherine Conway £82.20/26kg, Catherine Conway £82.20/25kg, John Adair £82/24kg, S &A Conway £82/23kg,£81/23kg, Eamon McGirr £81/23kg, Niall Carlin £80.80/24kg, John Lowe £80/24kg, Pat Conlon £78.80/23kg, Eamon McGirr £78.20/22kg, Samuel Gilfillen £78.20/22kg, Patrick & Gerard Campbell £77.80/25kg, William Patterson £77.50/22kg, Enda Cartwright £77/23KG, William Patterson £77/24kg, John McGlynn £76/23kg, B Hempton £75.80/23kg, Vincent Keenan £75.50/22kg

STORE LAMBS: William Gilmore £72, John Adair £70, Bracken Hill Farms £70, Sean Daly £70, William Gilmore £63, John Bradley £62, Gordan Cahoon £60, Sean Daly 59

FAT EWES: Michael Bradly £91, Eamon McGirr £74, Pat Conlon £70, Gordan Gibson £70, Bracken Hill Farms £66, Gordan Gibson £65, James Buchanan £65, John Faherty £60, Michael McCrory £60

EWES & LAMBS: Aidan Carton £230, £230, £230, £230, £228, £228, £210, £210, £205, £200, £195, £190, £190, £190