Lisahally Mart: Bullocks sell to £1320 for 660kg

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BULLOCKS: Gary Miller £1320/660kg, P Hegarty £1195/610kg, Gary Millar £1180/620kg, Brian Thompson £1140/520kg, £1080/510kg, £165/500kg, £1025/520kg, £1020/500kg, £905/450kg, D N McCrea £1090/590kg, £1010/550kg, £800/540kg, Gordan Logan £1030/530kg, £1025/530kg, Andrew Peoples £960/540kg, Terence Milligan £905/520kg,£780/440kg, P Hegarty £890/490kg, Norman Thompson £885/570kg, £800/500kg, £770/490kg, John Beattie, £825/460kg, £785/400kg, £765/300kg, £760/370kg.

HEIFERS: Gordan Logan £1190/600kg, £1115/600kg, £1110/580kg, £1050/510kg, £950/530kg, Brian Thompson £1095/530kg, £1050/520kg, £965/470kg, £880/450kg, £875/440kg, £800/450kg, David Hunter £995/540kg, £830/450kg, Brian O’Neill £870/370kg, £780/390kg, £750/400kg, £720/380kg, £70/360kg, £695/330kg, £690/380kg, John Beattie £780/450kg, £740/420kg, £735/440kg, C Scott £730/340kg, £720/320kg, £720/330kg, Terence Milligan £680/470kg, O’Neill Farms £615/380kg, £600/300kg, £600/300kg, £600/370kg, £550/290kg, Yvonne Rodgers £545/280kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: C Scott £720/340kg, £700/300kg, £690/280kg,John Lynch £690/270kg, John Logue £670/320kg, W Hamilton £600/260kg, £590/250kg, £580/230kg, John Lynch £500/200kg, £490/160kg, £450/190kg, £400/160kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: C Scott £720/310kg, £700/280kg, John Logue £685/290kg, £575/310kg, John Lynch £540/220kg, £430/190kg, A Devine £500/260kg, £470/240kg, £460/220kg.

INCALF COWS: Donald Sayers £1410, Jamie Patrick £1260, £1230, £1220, £1200, £1100, Sean Darragh £1240, £1000, A Devine £1060, £120, £955, £900, £900, £900, £870, £860, £845.

FAT COWS: Gerard Doherty £1175/920kg, George Hamilton £1062.60/660kg, Sean Darragh £1017.60/530kg, G Hamilton £775.20/570kg, A Devine £772.90/590kg, D McCrea £735.30/570kg, Sean Darragh £709.50/550kg, A Devine £661.20/580kg, William Eely £655/530kg.