Packed ringside for Pomeroy cattle sale

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Farmers packed the ringside on Thursday as cattle sold to another flying trade.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Brendan Hegarty £820/440kg, James Anderson £820/90kg, J Hamill £820/310kg, £800/330kg, Michael McCann £790/320kg, Nigel Irwin £780/420kg, Mary Donaghy £775/390kg, Desmond Murphy £765/290kg, J Hamill £760/310kg, £730/320kg,£720/310kg, Gerald McCann £55/330kg, £750/310kg, James Bradley £750/300kg, Brendan Hegerty £750/420kg, £715/420kg, Dominic Hamill £745/310kg, Michael Ellison £740/360kg, Michael McCann £730/310kg, James Bradley £725/330kg, £700/280kg, Alan Crawford £725/330kg,£700/300kg, Gerard Daly £705/340kg, Francis McDermott £705/340kg, Peter McCallan £700/280kg

HEIFERS: Patrick Wylie £1360, Kevin Donnelly £160, George McLaren £1130/750kg, Peter Toner £1040, R Moore £925/470kg, £820/430kg, £75/410kg, Darren McLaren £900/540kg, Barry Higgins £900, Preston Farms £860/450kg, £800/440kg, £800/410kg, £785/420kg, £760/380kg, Ciaran Molloy £860/400kg, £855/420kg, £855/420kg,Michael Mullan £750/410KG, £680/400KG, £675/380KG, Dominic Hamill £620/280kg, Francis McDermott £600/270kg,