Strong demand for quality lots at Clogher

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There was another large entry of 1108 Store and Beef Cattle on offer at Clogher mart last week again producing a very strong demand for quality lots in all sections.

In the fatstock Ring Cow Heifers sold to £198 for a 640kg Ch. £187 for a 450kg Lim. £184 for a 630kg Lim. and £181 for a 680kg Sim. Beef Cows topped £198 for an 820kg Ch. £197 for a 770kg Lim. £196 for a 700kg Ch. and £190 for a 740kg Lim. The average for the top twenty in this section was £180 per 100kg.


Dungannon Producer 640kg Ch. to £198 and 700kg Ch. to £196. Co Armagh Producer 820kg Ch. to £198. Eskra Producer 770kg Lim. to £197. Clogher Producer 740kg Lim. to £190. Omagh Producer 450kg Lim. to £187. Ballygawley Producer 630kg Lim. to £184. Newry Producer 680kg Sim. to £181. Lisbellaw Producer 550kg B/B. to £180. Coalisland Producer 440kg Ch. to £180. Beragh Producer 530kg Sim. to £175 and 490kg Lim. to £170. Aughnacloy Producer 720kg Ch. to £175. Augher Producer 670kg Sim. to £174. Cookstown Producer 760kg B/B. to £169. Drumquin Producer 560kg Daq. to £169. Castlederg Producer 650kg S/H. to £169. Birches Producer 680kg Ch. to £169. Omagh Producer 770kg Ch. to £166.

Other quality lots sold from £135 to £164 per 100kg

2nd quality lots sold from £110 to £132 per 100kg

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £117 to £138 per 100kg

Plainer lots sold from £84 to £108 per 100kg

Poorer types sold from £60 to £78 per 100kg

FAT BULLS: 1050kg Lim. to £150. 760kg B/B. to £135. 990kg Fries. to £128. 880kg AA. to £128. 840kg Ayr. to £126. 920kg Ch. to £124. 910kg Ch. to £116.

FAT STEERS (overage): 620kg Ch. to £194. 640kg Ch. to £188. 710kg Ch. to £185. 660kg Lim. to £183. 590kg Sim. to £180. 680kg Lim. to £164. 800kg Fr. to £161. 800kg Fr. to £143. 910kg Ch. to £143. 620kg Fr. to £135. 770kg Ch. to £133. 580kg Fr. to £120.

FAT STEERS (underage): 610kg Lim. to £214. 660kg Ch. to £196. 620kg B/B. to £196. 480kg B/B. to £192. 520kg Her. to £186. 600kg Lim. to £176. 500kg AA. to £168. 590kg Fr. to £166. 560kg S/H. to £161. 620kg AA. to £160. 520kg Fr. to £153. 610kg Fr. to £150. 560kg Ch. to £150. 570kg Fr. to £150. 530kg Fr. to £148.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 620kg Lim. to £208. 530kg Lim. to £198. 530kg Ch. to £194. 640kg Ch. to £190. 530kg Lim. to £187. 630kg Ch. to £186. 610kg Ch. to £185. 630kg Sim. to £184. 530kg Sim. to £184. 540kg Ch. to £183. 520kg Fr. to £142. 450kg Fr. to £137. 450kg Hol. to £137. 470kg Hol. to £130.


A good steady demand in this section with strong stores selling to £1445 for a 750kg Ch. £1350 for a 640kg Lim. £1320 for a 590kg Ch. and £1295 for a 640kg Ch. to E Graham Tynan. B Molloy Pomeroy sold a 620kg Lim. to £1395 and 590kg Lim. to £1325. W J Robinson Clogher 650kg Ch. to £1365 640kg Lim. to £1335, 640kg Ch. to £1295 and 610kg Lim. to £1265. H E Fleming Newry 650kg Ch. to £1365. Roy Hall Fivemiletown 670kg Ch. to £1350, 680kg Ch. to £1335, and 690kg Ch. to £1300. K Mallon Dungannon 580kg Lim. to £1345 and 560kg Ch. to £1280. C Beggan Clogher 650kg Sim. to £1310 P McDonagh Tempo 680kg Ch. to £1305 and 600kg Ch. to £1280. I A Stevenson Lurgan 690kg B/B. to £1285.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: N McMullan Aughnacloy 500kg Ch. to £1080 and 480kg Ch. to £985. Claudy Producer 500kg Ch. to £1075 and 460kg Lim. to £1010. K Mallon Dungannon 480kg Lim. to £1045, 470kg Lim. to £1030. E Nugent Keady 480kg Lim. to £1045, 460kg Lim. to £990. Fermanagh Producer 460kg Lim. to £1015 and 450kg Lim. to £985. D McFarland Ballygawley 460kg Lim. to £995. P Tally Dungannon 440kg Lim. to £990. E Mc Caffery Tempo 430kg Ch. to £975 and 410kg Ch. to £965. F McStay Lurgan 460kg Ch. to £980 J R Shaw Fermanagh 470kg Lim. to £975. J Corrigan Fintona 460kg Ch. to £970. J Donnelly Augher 430kg Ch. to £965. R Mayers Tempo 480kg Lim. to £960.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: E McCaffery Tempo 400kg Ch. to £985. J Donnelly Augher 350kg Lim. to £805. J Crawford Fermanagh 320kg Lim. to £740, 280kg Lim. to £650, W Lockhart Ballygawley 260kg Lim. to £615. Lisbellaw Producer 260kg B/B. to £555 and 260kg Lim. to £550.


Good turnout this week again sold to a very keen demand with forward lots selling to £1350 for a 650kg Lim. and £1140 for a 580 Ch. to C Beagan Clogher. I Smith Fivemiletown 610kg Lim. to £1180. Des Wilson Clogher 640kg Ch. to £1160 and 610kg Ch. to £1160. D Keys Fivemiletown 540kg Ch. to £1135. E McDermott Augher 520kg Lim. to £1125. H E Fleming Newry 550kg Ch. to £1100. A McElmurray Omagh 540kg Ch. to £1100 and 510kg Ch. to £1045. K Caldwell Fivemiletown 550kg AA. to £1090. S Kelly Fintona 520kg Ch. to £1070. P J Corrigan Dungannon 540kg Ch. to £1050. R Wiggam Aughnacloy 530kg Ch. to £1050.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: P & A Connelly Rosslea 500kg Lim. to £1085 and 490-kg Her. to £965. R J Dickson Aughnacloy 460kg Ch. to £1085. J McMenamin Castlederg 500kg Ch. to £1075 and 460kg Ch. to £955. I Smith Fivemiletown 480kg Ch. to £1055. P McDonagh Tempo 470kg Ch. to £1035. J A & E Downey Dungannon 450kg Sim. to £1030, 480kg Lim. to £985, and 470kg Ch. to £960. Skelly Fintona 490kg Ch. to £1010, and 490kg Ch. to £980. E Nugent Keady 440kg Lim. to £990. A McElmurray Omagh 480kg Ch. to £985, 460kg Ch. to £955, 450kg Ch. to £950 and 430kg Daq. to £945. Conor Fee Tempo 470kg Ch. to £965.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER. : J A & E Downey Dungannon 400kg Sim. to £875. A L Williamson Fermanagh 380kg Ch. to £860. D Corr Coalisland 390kg Ch. to £830, 380kg Lim. to £740, 360kg Lim. to £735. K Irwin Tynan 390kg Ch. to £760. J McCann Clogher 380kg Ch. to £745 and 340kg Ch. to £665. C Fee Tempo 380kg Lim. to £720 and 320kg Lim. to £650. Lisbellaw Producer 340kg Lim. to £700. C Kearney Drumquin 310kg Lim. to £655.


Another large entry sold readily to a keen demand with Steers & Bulls selling to £1105 for a 460kg Ch. to J McAleer Omagh M Hawe Dungannon 470kg Lim. to £1055, 440kg Lim. to £970, and 410kg Lim. to £960. G J McKenna Clogher 380kg Ch. to £1020, 380kg Lim. to £990, and 370kg Ch. to £980. S Hayes Dungannon 430kg Lim. to £1005 and 490kg B/B. to £1000. H Gibson Beragh 500kg Daq. to £1000. P Mulligan Fermanagh 390kg Ch. to £1000. P Gilroy Fermanagh 440kg Lim. to £995 and 400kg Lim. to £995. T J Aiken Kesh 490kg Ch. to £990, and 460kg AA. to £980. P McConnell Clogher 350kg Lim. to £955. T Noble Fermanagh 400kg Ch. to £945. S Kelly Carrickmore 450kg Lim. to £945, 470kg Ch. to £970, and 450kg Ch. to £940.

WEANLING HEIFERS: S Kelly Carrickmore 510kg Ch. to £1050, 450kg Ch. to £980, 400kg Ch. to £900, and 420kg Ch. to £870. M & N O Conner Augher 330kg Ch. to £1020R Giles Beragh 360kg Lim. to £865, 340kg Lim. to £820. P Cullinan Eskra 360kg Ch. to £860. J M McGovern Clogher 430kg Ch. to £855 and 380kg Ch. to £805. S Hayes Dungannon 390kg Lim. to £840, 380kg Lim. to £815, 350kg Lim. to £790 and 430kg Lim. to £780. D P Foy Tempo 380kg Ch. to £780. Cooneen Producer 320kg Lim. to £775 and 400kg Lim. to £750. D A Keys Irvinestown 380kg Ch. to £770.


A smaller entry this week sold to a top of £1300 and £1200 for Calved Heifers from a Dungannon Producer . R Givan Dungannon £1285 for Calved Heifer. Armagh Producer £1245 for Calved Heifer. Omagh Producer £1180 for Calved Heifer. K Rooney Newry £1135 for Calved Heifer. Others sold from £930.

The strong demand for quality lots continues with C Bothwell Fivemiletown selling Heifers with Bull Calves to £1800, £1650, and £1320 with a Heifer & Heifer Calf to £1720. I Elliott Monea £1750 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. M Boyle Cappagh £17-00 for 2nd Calver & Heifer Calf and £1355 for 07 Cow & Bull Calf. G Robinson Fintona £1620 and £1590 for Heifers with Bull Calves and £1610 and £1585 for Heifers with Heifer Calves. J Sinnamon Pomeroy £1480 for 2012 Cow & Bull Calf and £1400 for 09 Cow & Bull Calf. S McConnell Clogher £1450 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. Ray. Robinson Fermanagh £1420 for Heifer & Bull Calf. R Hagan Galbally £1380 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. P Donnelly Sixmilecross ££1335 for 2011 Cow & Heifer Calf. R Jones Monea £1300 for 2012 Cow & Bull Calf. Several other outfits sold from £980 to £1280. Incalf Cows & Heifers sold from £860 to £1100.

A smaller entry sold to a very keen demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £520 for AA. . to E Foster Derrylin. T Armstrong Derrygonnelly £500 for Lim. E & T Beacom Fermanagh £355 for B/B. c mCbRIEN Lisnaskea £335 for Her. I Maxwell Augher £330 for AA. and £320 for Fr. A Latimer Derrylin £285 for AA. N E J Watters Aughnacloy £270 for AA.

HEIFERS: E Foster Derrylin £520 for Ch. M W Watters Aughnacloy £415 for Lim. B Collins Brookeborough £350 for Lim. R Hassard Enniskillen £325 for AA. Wm. Sloan Dungannon £255 and £240 for AAs. E & T Beacom Fermanagh £240 for B/B.

REARED BULLS: M Keown Omagh £700 for Limm and £640 for AA. P McGee Augher £655 and £550 for Shb. R Douglas Portadown £610, £580, and £475 for Chars. A & A Maguire Rosslea £550, £545, £470, £460, and £455 for Chars. E Foster Derrylin £520 for AA.

REARED HEIFERS: R Douglas Portadown £575, £525, £475 and £345 for Chars. J McGrath Omagh £530 for Ch. J A Mitchell Seskinore £520 for Ch. E Foster Derrylin £520 for Ch. S Corrigan Trillick £480 for AA. P McGee Augher £465 twice for Shb. R Clarke Augher £460 for Lim.J McManus Derrylin £450 for S/H. M Watters Aughnacloy £415 for Lim. B McGirr Fintona £375 for Lim. R Busby Ballygawley £350 for Her. G Johnston Lisbellaw £348 for Her.