Fodder beet variety trials shows extra yield can be achieved

IN Limagrain UK’s 2012 trial, fodder beet variety Robbos produced an extra 2.9t/ha dry matter yield compared to the control variety Kyros. This extra DM yield is worth £397/ha, assuming a relative value of fodder beet of £137/tonne of DM says Limagrain’s Martin Titley.

The trial tested 10 commercial varieties of fodder beet at the Limagrain trial site in Lincolnshire.

Robbos is a yellow skinned variety best suited to harvesting using leaf-lifting machinery. With its large clean root it is an ideal choice for both dairy and beef production.

Martin explains: “Due to Robbos’ low dirt contamination, it is well suited to co-ensiling with maize to produce beta-maize silage, a new concept used by farmers in Denmark. This results in an energy rich feed that can be fed all year round.

“Fodder beet is a versatile crop, being suitable for winter grazing in the field for sheep or cattle, or for harvesting and storing. It is extremely palatable and can raise dry matter intakes during the winter feeding period.”

For more information on fodder beet variety selection and a copy of The Essential Guide to Forage Crops, email Limagrain UK at: enquiries@limagrain.co.uk or visit the website www.limagrain.co.uk


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