Open days to unveil a world of new technologies at Hunter Kane

Uel Kane

Uel Kane

NEXT Wednesday and Thursday (February 13th and 14th) will see Hunter Kane hosting two open days at the company’s Ballycastle premises.

They will serve to kick start a new era in the utilisation of tractors and farm machinery throughout the company’s catchment era. Taking centre stage will be the unveiling of the new Deutz-Fahr Series 7 TTV and the first showing of the new SAME Virtus range.

“But that’s only part of the itinerary planned for next week,” Uel Kane told Farming Life.

“A key focus of this year’s open days will be the promotion of more efficient grassland management and utilisation. And in this regard, we will be offering 0% finance on all Pöttinger machinery lines, including forage wagons, mowers, tedders and rakes. All of this ties in with this week’s official launch of the new business: Pöttinger Ireland.”

Uel Kane continued: “Over the past number of years Pöttinger has been to the fore in developing two innovative engineering solutions, which help ensure that only contaminant free grass with the most appropriate chop length reaches the silo. One is the ground hugging ‘alpha motion’ facility on its mowers, which ensures that grass is uniformly cut at a height of around 5cms from ground level. This, according to Pöttinger, reduces soil contamination levels within cut forage to an absolute minimum while, at the same time, guaranteeing a faster sward re-growth.

“The second key innovation from the company has been the development of silage wagons with an extremely efficient and uniform chopping system. The process has been designed to ensure that the fresh forage retains its structural integrity throughout the pickup and ensiling processes; in other words it is not squashed. Significantly, the new Toro and Jumbo models feature Pöttinger’s new, fully automatic ‘autocut’ knife sharpening system. This latter development will be of specific interest to local contractors.”

A high proportion of the letters of offer under Tranche 3 of the Farm Modernisation Programme (FMS) have now been issued. Given this backdrop, Uel Kane is quick to point out that a significant proportion of the company’s product range is eligible for funding under the scheme.

He continued: “Next week’s open days will provide farmers with a unique opportunity to identify their needs in this regard in a totally relaxed atmosphere. Our staff will be on hand to provide all the advice they require.

“In addition, the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement confirmed that the Annual Investment Allowance for capital allowances increased from £25,000 to £250,000 from 1 January 2013 for a period of two years.

“This means that the amount spent on new machinery that will obtain a 100% tax deduction in the year of expenditure has potentially increased. Again our staff will be available to advise accordingly.”

Uel Kane concluded: “Our 2013 open days will offer customers a unique chance to view the very latest farm machinery and technology options.

“In tandem with this visitors can also avail of many attractive special offers. It all adds up to an opportunity, which should not be missed.”


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