SQ Fleckvieh goes sexed

THOMAS Hamilton pictured with four sexed semen heifer calves born between Christmas and the New Year by Rumgo and Romario Sexed Semen.

Slatequarry Farm trialled sexed semen last year on 30 heifers and were very impressed with the resulting 18 heifer calves. Such was the success rate that they have decided to use sexed semen on all heifers this year, with sexed semen also being used on selected cows.

The farm’s intention is to breed the top 50% of milking cows with Fleckvieh Proven Bulls. The remaining 50% will be bred with a beef bull to produce the ideal beef heifer with conformation and milk or excellent beef bulls.

Bulls available are Rumgo, Romario, Vogt, Rave and Walot. Look them up on www.fleckviehgenetics.com or just give Jim a call on 07590 444732 or why not call at Slatequarry and see the calves for yourself?


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