French say ‘Oui’ to Redrock feeding technology



REDROCK Machinery Ltd launched its new range of Fiber-Tech mixer feeders in the France at the beginning of 2012. And despite what continue to be challenging market conditions Redrock’s managing director Frank Flynn has confirmed a very encouraging demand for the machines.

“What makes us unique is that fact that the discharge mechanism rotates in the opposite direction to that of the mixing paddles in the body of the machine,” Frank Flynn further confirmed.

“This means that our wagons can feed out to the right hand side while, at the same time, maintaining the full integrity of the mix prepared by the wagon. French dairy farmers, in particular, have recognised the value of this development and, as a result, are expressing great interest in the new feeder range.”

The Redrock Machinery Fiber-Tech Mixer feeders have been designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep. At the very heart of the new machines is the new Fiber-Tech cutting system.

“This new cutting system ensures that all the components of the diet, including straw, are cut to the precise length in order to encourage encourage optimal rumen function,” explained Redrock’s Frank Flynn.

“The Fiber Tech system will be offered as standard in the new feeder range.”

But Fiber Tech is only part of the good news story associated with the new Redrock feeding systems.

Frank Flynn again: “We are also offering our clients customised nutritional advice in terms of diet formulation, in tandem with a TMR Tracker system. This provides farmers with a total solution in terms of managing feed costs and ensuring optimal performance from the various animals within specific groups.”

He added: “The tracker system is fully compatible with all herd or farm record systems. At its most basic level it will serve to check the programmed ration against that which is actually fed out. The system will also calculate and register daily feed costs, dry matter intakes and daily refusals.

“The new system also provides an integrated tracker function for online data exchange with nutritionists and advisors.

“In essence, the TMR Tracker is an integrated management system, allowing complete on-line data exchange between the farmer and his Redrock nutritionist.

“It can also be used to monitor all aspects of the feeding operation.”

And, of course, the new feeding systems also come with the renowned Redrock reputation for reliability and robustness. Key technical features on the new Fiber Tech feeders include: a high feed discharge rate; easy attachment to the tractor and an automatic lubrication system;

Frank Flynn continued: “Our new feeders provide individual clients with the bespoke feeding systems they require for their businesses.

“The TMR approach to feeding provides livestock producers with a number of important advantages. All forages, grains and other feed ingredients are mixed thoroughly. Therefore, animals are not able to search for individual ingredients and must eat all the roughage component as well as the more palatable concentrate component.

“Completely blended feeds, coupled with carefully grouped cows allow greater flexibility and accuracy, feeding exactly the recommended amounts of nutrients to animals at their particular stage of growth or, in the case of dairy cows, individual milk yields.

“The end result is the more efficient use of feed, thereby allowing farmers to both improve performance while, at the same time, saving money on expensive inputs.”

Frank Flynn also indicated that extensive, on-farm trial results with the new Fiber-Tech feeders have confirmed the benefits of the new system.

He concluded: “Our new feeders offer livestock farmers a precise nutritional solution in all respects. They combine the highest standards of engineering with bespoke nutrition and a uniquely effective record keeping, or tracker system.

“The key to successful cow feeding is not just raising energy levels. Of equal importance is the need to match each megajoule with an exact proportion of roughage. The main source of roughage on most farms is straw.

“Research has shown that the intake is maximised when it is cut to precise length for full absorption and utilisation.

“The exact ratio of roughage per unit of energy can be achieved from the mixed ration with the Fiber-Tech cutting system. This is the most effective cutting system available in a mixer-feeder.”


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