Champion Charolais suckled calf sells for £1240 at Markethill

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The annual show and sale of Charolais suckled calves held at Markethill on Thursday 13th October attracted an entry of 620 head.

Purchasers from throughout Northern Ireland were in attendance with several buyers commenting that the exceptionally high standard of calves on offer was the best by far that they had seen this year.

Consignments of 40 to 50 calves each from several prominent breeders were of the highest standard.

The show judge was Mr Nigel Matchett, Portadown. The champion of the show, a heifer from R and R McCall, Armagh weighed 376k at £1240. Reserve champion, a male, from J Rice, Richhill weighed 414k at £1060. Mr Rice won the ‘best pen’ for both heifers and males. Light male calves sold to £321 for 312k at £1000 from R and R McCall followed by £305 for 334k at £1020 from J Rice. Stronger lots from £210 to £254 for 402k at £1020. Light heifers sold to £324 for 252k at £815 from R and R McCall, Armagh followed by £319 for 260k at £830 from Miss R Murphy, Crossmaglen. All top quality lots from £250 to £293 per 100 kilos. Stronger heifers from £230 to £288 for 392k at £870.

The show was sponsored by Mr Nicolas Johnston, Johnston Agric, Clogher, Co Tyrone. The prize fund was £1,000. The event was not supported by Northern Ireland Charolais Club.

Middleweight heifer weanlings: Armagh farmer 376k, £1240, £330, Armagh farmer 302k, £870, £288.00; Richhill farmer 322k, £885, £275.00; Armagh farmer 302k, £805, £267.00; Richhill farmer 302k, £850, £266.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 304k, £805, £265.00; Armagh farmer 312k, £800, £256.00.

Lightweight heifer weanlings: Armagh farmer 252k, £815, £324.00; Crossmaglen farmer 260k, £830, £319.00; Armagh farmer 282k, £825, £293.00; Armagh farmer 228k, £655, £287.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 260k, £740, £285.00; Armagh farmer 276k, £780, £283.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 288k, £790, £274.00; Richhill farmer 280k, £765, £273.00

Middleweight male calves: Richhill farmer 414k, £1060, £256.00; Richhill farmer 402k, £1020, £254.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 412k, £1015, £246.00; Richhill farmer 422k, £1015, £241.00.

Lightweight male calves: Armagh farmer 312k, £1000, £321.00; Richhill farmer 334k, £1020, £305.00; Armagh farmer 308k, £940, £305.00; Armagh farmer 310k, £905, £292.00; Armagh farmer 228k, £690, £303.00; Newry farmer 218k, £655, £300.00; Newtownhamilton farmer 246k, £735, £299.00; Richhill farmer 322k, £930, £289.00.

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