NI Limousin Cattle Club awards breeders in annual competition

Awards for Best Small Herd Awards L to R, J Rainey (2nd), K McCrory (1st) and A Finney (3rd)

Awards for Best Small Herd Awards L to R, J Rainey (2nd), K McCrory (1st) and A Finney (3rd)

THE recent annual dinner dance of the NI Limousin Cattle Club held on Saturday 24th November was the perfect opportunity to honour and celebrate the greatest of Limousin cattle and the breeders in this region.

At the Corick Country House Hotel there was a good turnout of members alongside special guests and club sponsors. Following a wonderful meal it was time to start proceedings and the main event of the evening was the annual pedigree herd competition results, sponsored by Ulster Bank Ltd.

Judge James Hazard and John Cassidy, Ulster Bank Ltd handed out the awards to the successful competitors and James followed with a summary of his visit here in Northern Ireland. He complimented all the breeders who took part in the competition where he met exceptional people and exceptional cattle. He stated how he now understood why the Limousin cattle bred in Northern Ireland were doing so well in the premier sales in England and wished everyone continued success for years to come.


SMALL HERD: 1st K McCrory – Bernish, 2nd J & P Rainey – Claragh, 3rd A Finney – Chinauley

MEDIUM HERD: 1st H Savage & Sons – Trueman, 2nd B & C McAuley – Larkhill, 3rd R Henderson - Ballynahone LARGE HERD: 1st W & J McKay – Ampertaine, 2nd D Hume & Sons – Culnagechan, 3rd C & F McAuley – Carmorn

SPECIAL CLASSES IN HERD COMPETITION – BEST COW FAMILY: 1st – Kype Sharon – W&J McKay, 2nd Trueman Song – H Savage & Sons, 3rd Ballydonaghy Roseatatern – D Hume & Sons

BEST GROUP OF G REG CALVES: 1st - Trueman - H Savage & Sons, 2nd Ampertaine – W & J McKay, 3rd Culnagechan – D Hume & Sons

BEST GROUP OF G REG CALVES BY A STOCKBULL: 1st Carmorn Copilot – D Hume & Sons, 2nd Culnagechan Exceptional – D Hume & Sons, 3rd Ampertaine Eliminator – C & F McAule.

BEST STOCK BULL: 1st Ampertaine Eliminator – C & F McAuley, 2nd Teeshan Elmo – S Coleman, 3rd Carmorn Cantona – Derek Frew.

BEST YOUNG BULL BORN IN 2011: 1st Ampertaine Goldcard – W & J McKay, 2nd Claragh Gizmo – J & P Rainey, 3rd Bernish Gregg – K McCrory.

BEST HOME BRED HEIFER UNDER 2yrs OLD BY THE 31st AUGUST 2012: 1st Trueman Grazia – H Savage & Sons, 2nd Bernish Fame – K McCrory, 3rd Chinauley Grace – A Finney

BEST NEWCOMER: 1st – Kieran McCrory - Bernish Herd


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