Pöttinger Ireland to be launched at the beginning of February

Pottinger Ireland will be officially launched at the beginning of February

Pottinger Ireland will be officially launched at the beginning of February

FARMING Life has been informed that Pöttinger Ireland will be officially launched in two weeks’ time.

“The months of planning are over,” company area manager David Osbourne told Richard Halleron at this week’s Fintona Machinery Event.

“And we are looking forward to an exciting future, working with farmers and contractors throughout the island of Ireland.”

Over the past number of years Pöttinger has been to the fore in developing two innovative engineering solutions, which help ensure that only contaminant free grass with the most appropriate chop length reaches the silo. One is the ground hugging ‘alpha motion’ facility on its mowers, which ensures that grass is uniformly cut at a height of around 5cms from ground level. This, according to Pöttinger, reduces soil contamination levels within cut forage to an absolute minimum while, at the same time, guaranteeing a faster sward re-growth.

The second key innovation from the company has been the development of silage wagons with an extremely efficient and uniform chopping system. The process has been designed to ensure that the fresh forage retains its structural integrity throughout the pick up and ensiling processes; in other words it is not squashed. Significantly, the new Toro and Jumbo models feature Pöttinger’s new, fully automatic ‘autocut’ knife sharpening system. This latter development will be of specific interest to local contractors.

Last year Pöttinger generated a turnover of Eur 280 million; that’s 19% up on 2010/11. The company does not publish a profit figure. However, only 3% of its turnover in 2011/12 was accounted for by sales into the UK and Irish markets. But expectations are high that this figure will rise courtesy of the commitment by the manufacturer to establish a new business: Pöttinger Ireland.

This has entailed the buyout of its Irish distributor – Clonmel based T Traynor and Sons – and the establishment of a new sales and marketing team. These arrangements will take effect from January 1st next.

Pöttinger entered the Irish market in 1987. Since then the company’s business partner has been the machinery dealership T. Traynor & Sons Ltd. However, ten years later Pöttinger took over almost a third of the company with Traynors deciding to sell the rest of the business to the Austrian manufacturer a few months ago.

“The establishment of Pöttinger Ireland is a good news story for Irish farmers and contractors,” David Osbourne commented.

“It will allow us make available the complete range of Pöttinger grassland and tillage equipment. Our ploughs and seed drills are very popular in other parts of Europe. We now intend making them more widely available in Ireland. The establishment of Pöttinger Ireland will also ensure that local farmers and contractors can access spare parts much more effectively.”


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